On "General Hospital," Curtis Ashford is not showing himself to be very loyal. He has been working for both Valentin and Jax and pitting them against other. Jax fired him last week and the private detective was forced to take Mr. Cassadine's offer of five million dollars to find Cassandra Pierce. Now rumors from Soap Dirt indicate that his buddy Hayden will convince Jasper to rehire him to search for the codicil to the will and Jordan's spouse will relay his findings to a new best pal, Laura. The duo will do all they can to secure young Spencer's future, but may uncover evidence that proves Nikolas is still alive.

'GH' continues to misdirect fans

"General Hospital" viewers have been misdirected regarding certain storylines for quite some time. For over two years, there have been rumors of a Tyler Christopher return or a recast for his beloved character. So far nothing has panned out and now loyal fans are predicting that the Cassadine Prince is still alive. Celeb Dirty Laundry is reporting that when Curtis completes his task, he will find that Valentin is not the legal heir to the family fortune. He will then call Laura and tell her what he knows, and the two of them will attempt to solve their own mystery.

In the midst of waiting for the truth about Nikolas to come out, "General Hospital" viewers have patiently waited for Sasha to be revealed as a fraud and Nina kicked her fake daughter and husband to the curb.

Loyal fans of the ABC daytime drama are not sure if Nick will come back if Tyler Christopher is returning or if there will be a recast. There is not even 100% certainty that Willow is the one who will be revealed as Nina's true daughter. Hopefully, if Curtis and Laura do find the codicil to the will, it will lead to something significant.

Laura may be Curtis Ashford's new BFF

Curtis Ashford and Nina have remained close and nothing thus far has broken their bond. He also has a strong connection with Hayden. At one point on "General Hospital," after dumpster diving and other adventures, Drew seemed poised to have a bromance with the private eye. While searching for Ryan in Canada, Laura began a friendship with Jordan's husband and now rumors say they will team up again.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that their efforts may have one of two conclusions.

The codicil could restore the Cassadine fortune to Spencer, or lead to the discovery of his father, which would put everything in the tweenagers hands anyway. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST. Eventually, the Port Charles residents, as well as the loyal fans, should have some resolution related to Valentin, Sasha, Nina, Spencer, and Nikolas.