Thursday on "General Hospital," Liesl convinced Brad to tamper with yet another DNA test. She wants him to make sure that the truth about Sasha being Nina's daughter doesn't come back. This will be the fourth time that genetic testing has been done and viewers of the ABC daytime drama want this storyline to be over and done with. Finn told Valentin what he was planning next in Sasha's treatment, and Obrecht very joyfully announced that genetic testing would be involved. Later her niece's husband explained to Liesl that if he went down, so did she.

Dr. O immediately went to Brad and convinced him to falsify yet another test.

Sasha's DNA tested for the fourth time

When Valentin came up with the plan for Sasha to impersonate Nina's daughter, he had Curtis find false results from two different DNA tests. Later Maxie was curious, so she and Peter had a third test done, which thanks to Valentin came back a match. Now, instead of allowing the secret to come to light," General Hospital" has opted instead for a fourth test that gives the false message that Nina and Sasha are mother and daughter.

"General Hospital" rumors have been insinuating for at least six months that the truth about Ms. Gilmore was about to be revealed. So far, the storyline becomes increasingly more complicated.

Now Brad Cooper is aware that Sasha is not Nina's real daughter, but no one knows that Willow just might be. Viewers were probably hoping this would expose Ms. Gilmore. If Brad goes through with tampering with the test results, there will have to be another way for the truth to be revealed.

Brad and Obrecht will be caught eventually

Those who faithfully watch "General Hospital" know that eventually, Obrecht, Brad, and Valentin will all be exposed as liars. Mr. Cooper is also withholding the information that Wiley is the biological child of Michael and Nelle. All of these hidden issues are going to eventually blow up and it may happen all at once.

Rumors continue to report that Nina is about to be devastated, but nothing has happened yet to bring her to that point. Viewers have been loyal but patience can wear thin.

Obrecht and Brad conspiring to keep Sasha's paternity a secret is like a blast from the past. It is going to blow up in their faces, the same way the Wiley/Jonah situation will. It's time for some spoiler alerts, teasers, and rumors that lead to something concrete, that the viewers can chew on. "General Hospital" fans simply want to know when they can expect the fireworks. Stay tuned to the Port Charles action weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.