"General Hospital" rumors indicate that Julian Jerome will have rough next two weeks. Soap Dirt says he will be dealing with Kim, who will find it difficult to fight that loving feeling where Franco/Drew is concerned. Now that he has Andrew Cain's memories, Elizabeth's husband is reminding Dr. Nero of the past she shared with Oscar's dad. She is vulnerable so there is no telling where her feelings will lead her. There will also be trouble with his son in law who becomes so overcome with emotions that he makes a startling confession.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that because the former mob boss has been Brad's confidante, the lab tech will probably tell his father-in-law that Wiley is really Jonah.

Julain and Kim may be headed for a split

Franco as Drew is reminding Kim of their past together, during a time when Dr. Nero is vulnerable. "GH" rumors suggest that she may not be able to resist Dranco, which will surely cause problems with Julian. Mr. Jerome has been patient and understanding when Kim tried to seduce Drew to get a baby to replace Oscar. He has given her space when she needed it and has come to a place where Alexis is no longer a threat. If, however, Kim falls for Franco's version of her baby daddy, this may send Mr. Jerome seeking solace from Alexis.

There does not seem to be happy ending coming for "Jim" and Julian also has bigger fish to fry. His son in law is like a loose cannon, who is living in fear of losing his son.

CDL indicates that this week Brad is going to unburden himself to someone and the spoiler says his father in law is the most likely person. Brad confided in Julian early on about how he ended up with Wiley but left out a few important details. "GH" rumors say that the situation will probably end up with Mr. Cooper confessing all to his husband's father.

Brad adds to Julian's problems

While dealing with an emotionally distraught Kim, Julian may now have to live with a very disturbing fact. Brad may disclose that Wiley Coope Jones is actually Noah Corinthos Quartermaine. There is no telling how Mr. Jerome will handle this but CDL says he probably will continue to do all he can to protect Lucas as well as his grandson.

"General Hospital" viewers know that this secret must come out at some point as it has remained hidden for over one year. Brad's confession may be the beginning of the end of this storyline.

"General Hospital" viewers will be thrilled to see a glimmer of hope that Michael and his son will be reunited, but it will also cause a lot of pain. Julian and Brad both may have to answer for the part they played in Nelle's scheme and it won't be pretty.

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