Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors indicate that this coming week will bring more of the same on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Steffy finally shows up and is outraged at what her sibling has been up to. Ridge is going out of his way to protect his son, while Brooke disagrees and turns to Bill. Soap Dirt, however, indicates a few changes are coming with the cast. Maya will be back on screen and may have a recast Rick or fall for Carter again. Xander and Zoe return and beg for a second chance and detective Sanchez is sticking around trying to find out the truth regarding Thomas going over the cliff, as well as his role in Emma's death.

Xander and Zoe are back on 'B&B'

Soap Dirt answers a question that "B&B" viewers have been asking regarding Xander and Zoe. The duo was fired but will return this week seeking forgiveness. Its possible Ridge may have a change of heart because of Thomas. If he can forgive his son for all he has done, then he could let bygones be bygones with Xander and Zoe. CDL indicates that the dressmaker will be frantic to keep his son out of prison and will go talk to Flo who is in jail. Ridge might cut a deal with Shauna's daughter and the other two in order for things to not be so hard on his son.

It seems that Zoe and Xander will practically beg for another chance, and what Ridge would not listen to previously he may be willing to consider that this time.

Alex Sanchez will continue to be on screen, at least for now. He has two cases that he is trying to wrap up and he is like a dog with a bone."B&B" rumors say he wants to get to the bottom of Emma's accident as well as what happened to Thomas to cause him to go over the cliff.

Maya may be involved in a love triangle

Maya has only been seen sporadically on "The Bold and the Beautiful," since Jacob Young left his role as her television husband.

Soap Dirt says that Ms. Avant is about to get a hot new storyline and could be involved in a love triangle with her former husband and Carter. Mr. Woodson has been MIA as well and recently Hope utilized Justin as her lawyer for the annulment. With Rick gone, Carter may want to pick up where he and Maya left off years ago, and Jacob Young or a recast might bring Brooke's son back to LA.

Maya could end up torn between the first man she was attracted to in LA and the one she married who is her little girl's father. Viewers will be glad to see Ms. Avant back on screen and this could mean more of her family members as well. Carter will be a welcome sight as well and perhaps he will do more than weddings and fixing the Logan and Forrester's legal issues. Some great episodes are coming up on "The Bold and the Beautiful" so be sure you stay tuned. The LA action airs weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.