Soap Dirt is reporting that Coby Ryan McLaughlin's time, on "General Hospital," has officially come to an end. Celebrating the Soaps confirms this, saying that the actor announced on Instagram that Shiloh is out. What is not known, however, is in what manner the Dawn of Day guru will exit Port Charles. Peter sent a hitman, dressed as a guard, to take him out after the trial, but the cult leaders got away. Previews, for Monday, show him car jacking Bobbie Spencer and attempting to make a getaway. He could drive away never to be seen again, have a fatal accident, or Peter's henchman could catch up to him and end his life.

It's also possible that Jason could get his hands on him first.

Shiloh says goodbye to 'GH' and Port Charles

Coby Ryan McLaughlin has given "General Hospital" viewers the news they have been waiting for the entire year of 2019. Shiloh Archer is about to say goodbye to Port Charles and viewers will probably be happy about it. The character first came on the scene in December of 2018 and has wreaked havoc ever since. He has not one person in town who is on his side, and his only - reluctant - ally, Peter August, is trying to kill him. McLaughlin did an excellent job portraying the creepy cult leader, but his character was hated by the fans.

The big question now, is how will the self help guru exit Port Charles?

He has caused so much pain and heartache that fans would feel cheated if he simply drove away. "General Hospital" viewers are still expressing disappointment that fan-favorite Billy Miller was not given a more fitting send-off after he did not renew his contract. A showdown where Jason takes out the Dawn of Day leader would be the one fans would most love to see.

'GH' viewers are glad Shiloh is leaving

"General Hospital" viewers became weary of Shiloh being involved in so many lives of Port Charles residents. They have been asking for months when this character would finally be gone and now his final scenes are close at hand. There are still loose ends to tie up such as the truth about Wiley being the son of Michael and Nelle.

Previous spoiler alerts had indicated that Ms. Benson and Mr. Archer would escape Pentonville together. This did not pan out any more than the rumor that Nelle and Ryan Chamberlain would go on the run with each other.

Monday's preview shows Bobbie Spencer on the roadside screaming for help after her encounter with Shiloh. This indicates that he takes her car but does not use her as a hostage. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and rumors with updates related to the last episodes that Coby Ryan McLaughlin will appear in. Make sure you tune in during the next two weeks because it sounds like there will be some exciting drama and can't miss TV.