Unexpected twists and turns are happening in "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) autumn episodes. From the official NBC promo, fans were able to see a preview of what will happen. Kidnappings, romantic and passionate scenes and dramas will create unmissable storylines. Two women will end up in the hospital with serious conditions. They are Kate and Julie. According to previous news about "DOOL" Gabi will be responsible for Julie's collapse as she won't help her after a heart attack. We still don't know why Kate will be in the hospital with an oxygen mask.

From the video spoiler, you can see a dark Vivian covered in a black cloak, suggesting that she may have completed her revenge plot.

'Days of Our Lives': the fall that surpasses all

From the official promo for "DOOL," we can see that Jennifer is gagged and tied to a chair. Most likely, someone is holding her hostage. According to the last CDL rumours, it seems that Jack Deveraux and Jennifer will be protagonists of a great adventure and that they will get into trouble.

It seems that Jennifer isn't the only one to run a deadly risk in the next episodes of the soap. Ben will risk his life because of his connection with Ciara. Victor will not agree at all and will try to eliminate Ben who, in his opinion, can not make the sweet Ciara happy.

In all likelihood, Victor will turn to a killer to take out the hated Ben. In the NBC promo of "Days Of Our Lives," Victor is seen clutching a tie around Ben's neck. Will it be a crime scene?

Vivian returns but will be in danger in 'Days of Our Lives'

"Days of Our Lives" rumours hint at the return of Vivian. She will have some trouble as someone wants to make her life difficult.

A new and obscure storyline is about to arrive in this regard. Fans are wondering if there will be another crime.

Let's not forget that Julie was rushed to the hospital after a heart attack. Gabi didn't help her grandmother Julie. Rumours say that the elderly woman will need a heart transplant if she wants to survive. It won't be easy to solve the situation, as Julie is an older woman.

Kate struggles against death in 'DOOL'

Fans are wondering how Kate got into the hospital too. Her sickness has likely been caused by Vivian, who has been anxious for revenge. In the official promo video of "Days of Our Lives," we see Kayla say that "there is no neurological activity." Who does it refer to? There are so many mysteries and new storylines that will keep us in suspense, so don't miss the next ''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers and updates. Stay tuned.