Rumors, from Fame 10, indicate that the next two weeks on "The Bold and the Beautiful" will be filled with excitement and drama. After arguing with Flo, Katie will have some sort of medical crisis and pass out. It could be that the heart she received from Storm is beginning to malfunction. Shauna has set her sights on Brooke's husband and will allow him to believe they spent the night together. The duo will agree the keep their secret which no doubt will eventually come out and destroy lives. Flo is out of jail and seeking Wyatt's forgiveness, but he has turned back to Sally.

Two possible love triangles and a life-threatening health issue will have fans glued to their seats.

Shauna and Flo go after their men

"B&B" rumors from Soap Dirt and Fame 10 suggest that Shauna may trick Ridge into believing they were intimate during their right together, It's also possible, however, that something really does happen between the two. Either way, Brooke's husband walked out on her and spent the entire night with another woman. He will make a conscious decision to keep the information from his wife but secrets always come out on daytime TV. Once Brooke referred to Flo as a tramp from Los Vegas, her mom decided to get even.

On Friday's "B&B" episode, Sally and Flo had a heated argument after Ms.

Spectra overheard Wyatt's ex pleading with him for another chance. It looks like both of Bill Spencer's sons are going to be caught between two women and continuing the love triangle tradition. Sally had wanted to tread carefully with Wyatt but she did not anticipate Flo being set free from jail. The rumor mill indicates that the two women will fight tooth and nail to have the man they love.

Bill and Katie deal with a health crisis

The rumor mill indicates that a tragedy will unfold on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for Bill and Katie, It's believed that there will be a medical issue with the heart that she got from her brother Storm. Shortly after arguing with Flo about the baby switch, Katie will have some type of episode and possibly pass out.

Dollar Bill and his son's mother have been on the back burner this summer as the baby switch storyline unfolded. Now it looks like they will be involved in a more personal storyline.

Keep in mind that the "B&B" rumor mill is not always accurate, as it was reported that both Thomas and Xander were going to die. Bill and Katie have a son, and it's possible that the tragedy they deal with could be related to WIll. Some exciting episodes are coming up with the Forresters, Logans, and Spencers, so make sure you tune in weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and rumors that give you a heads up on your favorite characters.