NBC has released the promo video for the autumn season's of ''Days Of Our Lives," Never before will there be more twists and turns of events and dark storylines. Two women will end up in intensive care. They are Kate Roberts and Julie Williams. In the ''DOOL'' episodes last week, poor Julie had a heart attack and collapsed in the park. Gabi didn't help her, only making the situation worse. In the next few episodes, Kate will also be in danger of dying. According to Soap Dirt, only one of the two women will survive. Who will prevail over death?

On 'Days of Our Lives' Julie and Kate at the hospital

In the ''Days of Our Lives'' episodes from last week, Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) was very stressed. This only worsened her already precarious state of health. Julie met Gabi in the park and collapsed. But Gabi didn't help her, leaving the old woman to her fate. Fortunately, at that moment, Ben and Ciara were walking in the park. The two, after seeing Julie on the ground, made sure that she was hospitalized.

Vivian could take revenge on Kate in the next 'DOOL' episodes

A new dark storyline is about to arrive in Salem. As suggested previously by Soap Dirt and Michael Fairman TV, Vivian will be able to complete her dark revenge. Will her victim be Kate Roberts?

Fans of ''Days of Our Lives'' know that Vivian and Kate have a score to settle. The last time the two women saw each other, they argued furiously. Vivian drew a gun threatening Kate. Is it time for the showdown?

The last promo for ''Days of Our Lives'' points out that Kate Roberts ( Lauren Koslov) is in the hospital, in very serious condition.

According to Soap Dirt, the culprit could be Vivian herself. It seems that what's between Julie and Kate does not survive, although, at the moment, we have no further updates. In the promo video released by NBC, we see that Kayla offers her support to Lucas who is frightened by the fate of his mother. What if Kate were to die?

Kayla Brady announces that 'There is no brain activity'

Other ''Days of Our Lives'' updates always come from the promo video. In this, Kayla Brady has disconcerting news for one of the two families of women hospitalized. Kayla informs that ''There is no more brain activity.'' Who does it refer to? According to other rumors, Julie will need a heart transplant. However, her poor health and advanced age do not offer much hope.

Finally, in the video, you can see a hand coming out of the grave. It seems that this scene could be related to Halloween. Whatever its purpose, it's clear that it's a much darker backstage. We just have to wait for the next ''Days of Our Lives'' spoilers, rumors, and updates and see the episodes, broadcast on NBC. Stay tuned.