Shorty before Billy Miller filmed his final scenes on "General Hospital" his castmate and TV wife Kelly Monaco sent out a cryptic tweet. The actress seemed to imply that Miller was fired and said she had more information that would be brought to light. That was close to six weeks ago and, to date, nothing new has been reported. Celeb Dirty Laundry, however, announced that Miller recently celebrated his 40th birthday and Monaco was on hand to enjoy the day with him.

Billy Miller tops the hill at 40

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Kelly Monaco recently posted that she had a birthday lunch with Billy Miller who just turned 40.

It was not stated whether this was on Twitter or another social media forum, but only that the actress stated that "General Hospital" missed her costar and fans chimed in that they missed him as well. Monaco had led her followers to believe she was going to share some information, related to why her castmate left the show, but she obviously changed her mind.

It was later reported, by CDL, that Miller chose not to renew his "General Hospital" contract, which indicates that he walked away from the ABC daytime drama and was not fired. It could be that once this news came out, Monaco felt no need to elaborate. Her hanging out with her former television husband indicates a strong bond between the two.

Enquiring minds continue to desire details, but Billy Miller's silence regarding his characters' departure from Port Charles and presumed death should be respected by his fans.

'General Hospital' goes on without Billy Miller

Kelly Monaco along with many fans miss Drew Cane and wish Billy Miller was still in Port Charles, but "General Hospital" is moving on.

Spinelli returned this week and Soap Dirt says he will most likely find the link between Shiloh and Peter. He is working with Jason, which indicates that Sam will probably be on board as well at some point. On Friday she was in the courtroom listening to the Dawn of Day leader twist the truth. Most fans love Sam with Jason, but when Steve Burton returned Monaco said she hoped her character would choose Drew.

The writers saw it differently so now Jason, Sam, and Spinelli are a trio again.

Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and rumors related to upcoming storylines, exiting characters and new faces on "General Hospital." Continue watching the ABC daytime drama each weekday afternoon at 2:00 PM EST. Keep up with Billy Miller who CDL says is currently portraying Marcus in "Suits" and will also appear in six episodes of a thriller drama entitled "Truth Be Told." His character's name will be Alex Dunn so be watching for more information to come forth on a release date.