As always, faithful “Hawaii Five-O” fans have blocked off Friday night, September 27, to welcome Season 10 of the police drama to its milestone success. There is also clinching suspense to settle, assuredly in the first few minutes, over who among the “Five-O” force actually took the bullet from the gun wielded point-blank from Omar Hassan’s widow in the closing seconds of Season 9. On that score, a video preview released yesterday, September 26, carries some relieving news. On the other hand, it does appear that “Hawaii Five-O’s” favorite conspiracy theorist, Jerry, portrayed by Jorge Garcia, is rethinking his future.

When it comes to the duty-bound and faithful to-a-fault leader of the fearsome task force, Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, fans have no worries, because Alex O'Loughlin shared just days ago that he is fine and fit for the milestone season of “Hawaii Five-O,” and fans will see another aspect of the versatile actor’s talents in the coming months.

On the mend, just not around

According to CinemaBlend and other sources on September 24 and 25, the character of Jerry is not part of the synopsis for the first three “Hawaii Five-O” episodes in Season 10. A sneak peek video clip shared this morning, September 26, portrays a very much alive Jerry plotting strategies against Junior (Beulah Koale) in a game of “Battleship.” Completely in character, Jorge Garcia reflects on Jerry's thoughts in seconds after being shot.

In the snippet from “Ua ʻeha ka ʻili i ka maka o ka ihe” (The Skin Has Been Hurt by the Tip of the Spear), Jerry describes that his only thoughts were for his “Dungeons & Dragons” group, and that realization led him to think that “maybe I haven't lived enough.”

Jorge Garcia is very active as an artist. Last year, the “Hawaii Five-O” cast member who made his home on the island after “Lost” starred in the uplifting film, “The Healer.” It can certainly pursue other projects and return to the police drama since his character suffered no fatal injury.

For now, Jorge Garcia is absent from the “Hawaii Five-O” Season 10 promo photos, but “ohana” is everything to this crime-fighting team, and a comeback is always possible.

More Alex than ever

In another video preview, Alex O'Loughlin gets an introduction, at gunpoint to Quinn Liu, the new character portrayed by Katrina Law. Both parties have their guns drawn on each other, but the former Army Staff Sergeant is set to make herself a welcome and valuable asset to the team, not to mention a potential love interest for McGarrett.

Alex O'Loughlin displayed his usual gratitude for his “Hawaii Five-O” role of a decade at the premiere festivities on the island, shared per ET Canada on September 21. The dashing Australian-born star gushed playfully that “the episode I wrote and directed” will be the highlight of Season 10. He confessed that “I'm really green as a writer,” but that the episode will wrap up “a storyline that I didn’t feel we handled it a satisfactory way.” O'Loughlin elaborated that “I think fans will appreciate it,” and that he hopes it will serve as a “thank you gift to the legacy of the show that has carried me for 10 years.”

The gifted actor has previously directed two episodes on his drama and created the storyline in another, but the coming episode will be the first he has written and directed.

Above and beyond being grateful for himself, Alex O'Loughlin credited the fans for his own gainful employment and career, relating how the fans “keep me and my family fed” and “hundreds and hundreds employed” with the production in Hawaii, where the actor and his family live.

The leading man, also, doesn't expect luxury on the set. “Being first on the call sheet means you work more than anybody else,” Alex O'Loughlin reminds. He doesn't have any magic secret for staying strong and ever-ready as McGarrett. “I try to eat well and take care of my body,” he assures, comparing his stint on the drama to being like a marathon. “Get some good shoes and drink a lot of water,” leaves O'Loughlin as a reminder.

“Hawaii Five-O” faithful will be ready and waiting for the September 27 premiere, ready to see Alex O'Loughlin, in full gear, and Jorge Garcia, in his hospital gown, glad to see both alive and breathing, along with the rest of the crew. The adventure, perpetrators, and possibilities for Season 10 are just beginning.