Celeb Dirty Laundry is suggesting that Billy Miller did not choose to leave his "General Hospital" role as Drew Cane. The rumor points to a tweet by Miller's former TV wife Kelly Monaco as the reason. The actress expressed her dismay at the way things took place, which could be interpreted that her castmate did not leave willingly. Until now, many viewers assumed that the man who portrayed Andrew Cane had walked away from the role, willingly out of frustration over the character's direction. The thinking now is that Drew is exiting Port Charles, in order to make room for a Nikolas Cassadine return.

Kelly Monaco speaks out on Billy Miller's GH exit

Kelly Monaco says there will be more information coming forth regarding her opinion on exiting "GH" co-star. Until her tweet that was mentioned by Celeb Dirty Laundry, viewers assumed that Billy Miller walked away from his role as Drew. The rumors point out that ever since Steve Burton returned as Jason, Miller's character has had lackluster material to work with. The actor has not lacked screen time but has not had storylines worthy of his talent.

CDL says Monaco's tweet came across as if she is angry that Billy Miller was fired, but until she brings forth more information, no one can say for sure. Soap Dirt rumors reveal that Chelsea the psychic will confirm to Laura that Nikolas is alive, and previous rumors suggest that Tyler Christopher is back on the set.

This does indeed look as if Drew has been sacrificed for the Cassadine prince, but nothing is known for certain.

Drew's storyline should have been resolved

"General Hospital" writers should have properly resolved Andrew Cane's storyline prior to Billy Miller's exit. Instead, the memory chip has been inserted in Franco and those who enjoy the ABC daytime drama will have to watch Roger Howorth endure all that comes with his childhood friend's memories.

Viewers would have been delighted if Drew had been able to recall his own past and his love for Kim, without losing memories of the last five years. Soap Dirt indicates that Liz and her boys will be devastated at this turn if evens. This brings up the question of whether Franco will ever be able to recall his own life again?

Kelly Monaco and Billy Miller are good friends in real-time, so her frustration may lie with the storyline as well as the manner in which her castmate was let go. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts to update what Miller's next project will be and also inform fans as soon as Monaco gives more detail. In the meantime, continue watching "General Hospital" each weekday afternoon on ABC, at 2:00 PM EST. There is much that needs to be resolved in Port Charles, so be sure not to miss any upcoming "GH" episodes. Best of Luck to Billy Miller in his future endeavors.