Erin Krakow of “When Calls the Heart” has the power to lure and captivate the camera in ways that few actresses ever master. The lovely brunette conveys much more than her physical beauty in countless scenes over the past six seasons of the Hallmark Channel’s beloved series. Erin Krakow’s spirit and natural sense of humor seem to always add something intangible to her roles. The leading lady and all her castmates and the crew of “When Calls the Heart” have been hard at work for weeks now on Season 7, through rain or shine.

Krakow loves to share glimpses of her days with her fans and followers on social media, and her September 19 post has a lot to say with very few words.

She and co-star, Chris McNally, who makes no secret of his affection or good intentions for her character of Elizabeth Thornton as the still somewhat mysterious but well-meaning new saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, are captured in a look.

Erin Krakow implores that no one should “stress” over imagining captions, but the image certainly gives faithful “Hearties” much to wonder about before the new season begins.

A look really can matter

Erin Krakow gives a side gaze to the camera in the photo, just as Chris McNally gives much more than a side glance to her. Heaven only knows the millions of catchphrases that fans are creating in their heads for the capture. The chemistry has been building between their characters throughout Season 6, however.

Elizabeth Thornton was simultaneously suspicious, awed, and moved when Lucas Bouchard donated his building for Hope Valley’s library, which was Elizabeth's dream for her students and the community.

He attested that it was being “fascinated by [her] goodness” that swayed the newcomer in town beyond anything outward about her. After a dangerous encounter with some pursuers from Lucas' past, Elizabeth and Lucas resumed a calmer footing in their relationship. Still, a look made all the difference at the close of Season 6.

Elizabeth offered her dance to Lucas, at the Founder’s Day festivities for “Ladies’ Choice,” and he was delighted to accept her invitation.

The two are embracing, both the moment and each other, when Elizabeth notices Mountie Nathan Grant, portrayed by Kevin McGarry, leaving. Never has a look been more penetrating than the one given by Erin Krakow as she tracked the newly-serving protector out the door. The moment is the kind of stuff that makes television history, and the “When Calls the Heart” faithful only have a few more months to find out if Elizabeth follows her eyes, and what happens next.

Ready for holiday cheer

“Let’s not stress about the caption,” Krakow urges with her photo. Chris McNally is the one who seems to be stressed in the photo, with a “What have we done here?” or a “What did you just say?” question with his eyes.

The mystery will be something extra to keep “When Calls the Heart” fans wondering. In the meantime, Erin Krakow is gearing up for holiday fun.

The star will make a Sunday-only appearance at Christmas-Con in Edison, New Jersey on November 10 at the New Jersey Convention and Expo Center. Paul Greene, who portrays Dr. Carson Shepherd on “When Calls the Heart,” will also be in attendance, along with many Hallmark Channel favorites, per The Cheat Sheet on September 17. There will be photo opportunities and a few minutes to mingle with fans. Erin Krakow proudly declares herself to be “the biggest Heartie,” and stays connected with viewers in several ways.

Erin and her co-star, Pascale Hutton, were braving Vancouver showers in a photo shared last week, but snow, Santa, and eggnog are never far off for the Hallmark Channel.

Thursday is already marked for Christmas movies on the network, and the full run of seasonal holiday movies gets underway on October 25. Erin Krakow will score another favorite for 2019 with “Sense, Sensibility & Snowmen,” which premieres on November 27. Christmas Day will welcome another “When Calls the Heart” Christmas been movie feature.

In photos and on-screen, Erin Krakow is a warm and beautiful vision, who will bring fans many welcome ways to see her over the next several months.