Celebrating the Soaps suggests that this is it for the "Bridge" marriage, on "The Bold and the Beautiful," and the couple may not make it to the end of the year. They have faced numerous obstacles, within the past few months, and continue to be on opposite sides of every issue. Brooke pushed Thomas off the cliff and said it was an accident but her husband believes she did it on purpose. Brooke wants Thomas to pay for his crimes but Ridge got both his son and Flo out of jail. To top it all off, Ridge spent the night with Shauna after his spouse kicked her out of their home.

Brooke may sink her own marriage

On Monday, Brooke went to see Eric after Ridge didn't come home. Her father-in-law reminded her that her daughter was not the only victim in the baby switch. He told her that, if she wanted her marriage to survive, she should tread carefully with his grandson. Brooke does not want to hear anyone take up for Thomas, so she probably will not heed the word of her husband's father. The "B&B" rumor mill says that this is it for "Bridge" and there is no coming back from all they are dealing with. Brooke's anger might cause her to destroy her union with Ridge.

Even though Ridge and Shauna say they will keep their secret, "B&B" viewers know that it eventually will come out.

On Tuesday, Flo was in shock when her mother lied that she and Ridge had hooked up the previous night. Ridge went home and apologized to his wife who said they would not allow Thomas to come between them. Ridge responded back that they would not let anyone come between them then said he had something to tell his spouse. If he admits he spent the night with Flo's mom, even though nothing happened, Brooke will be outraged.

She hates Shauna as much as she loathes Thomas right now.

Ridge and Brooke drama is par for the course

"Bridge" had been getting along great for a while, with no serious issues and no interference from Dollar Bill. It was only a matter of time before the "B&B" writers brought some drama into their lives. Ridge and Brooke are on opposite sides regarding, Thomas, Flo, Shauna, and even who should raise Douglas.

The timing is right for this couple to split and the question is in what direction will they go?

Shauna is hot for Ridge and the lifestyle his wife has been living, She is also furious that Brooke called her daughter a tramp. Ms. Fulton will be right there to comfort Mr. Forrester when his marriage falls apart and he may fall for her. Brooke has been confiding in both Eric and Dollar Bill and the rumor mill suggests that Dr. Jordan could be a possible love interest. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" to find out what happens next with these characters.