Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" say Victoria will finally find out her father is dead, on Wednesday (9/18). She will be crushed and probably guilt-ridden that her family was unable to reach her before now. There will also now be the issue of keeping the fact that the death was a hoax a secret. Nate had to be in on it as he claimed Victor had no pulse. It is suspected that Nikki and Nick may also know the truth. If they do, how long can they allow their loved ones to grieve in vain, before revealing all? According to earlier rumors, there might soon be flashbacks that reveal how all of this took place.

Eric Braeden, who portrays Victor, went on social media to calm the fears of fans who thought his character had really died. The actor advised those who watch the CBS daytime drama to keep watching for answers.

Victoria's life is a wreck

Victoria was shocked last week when Chloe led her to a very deranged Billy. She has been with her significant other the entire time and has no idea what is going on with her family. Nick and Abby had tried to call her before Chloe showed up, but her cell phone battery was dead. "Y&R" rumors don't say how Vicki finds out about her father's alleged demise, but suggest it may be from the press. When she is confronted with this situation it will make her life a complete wreck right now.

Billy is dealing with delusions and needs prompt medical care. Vicki will be hit with the news of Victor being dead and of course, later, find out that the Newman patriarch is very much alive. This will be a bit much for Victoria to take in and she may hold it against her family. In the meantime, all of Genoa City will be dealing with the news that the most powerful man in town succumbed to the illness he was dealing with.

Newman drama will be explosive

The next thing that will happen is that those who know Victor is alive will need to be able to keep up the hoax. Nate is a physician, bound by doctor-patient confidentiality, but Abby won't care. If she does not already know her father is alive, she will probably end things with Dr. Hastings when the truth is revealed.

The "Y&R" rumor mill from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates Nick will have a few close encounters with Phyllis and might tell her the truth for Summer's sake. If that happens she may then relay the info to Adam, who Victor is trying to teach a lesson.

There is also a possibility that Phyllis may be in on the deception. When Adam told her what he was up to, she mentioned that she did not want to be a part of her daughter's grandfather dying. Perhaps the redhead got cold feet and confessed what Adam did to Nick or his dad. Soap Dirt suggests that Victor's attempt to punish Adam and bring his family closer may actually alienate them. Viewers will be glued to their seats trying to figure this storyline out an watching how it all unfolds. Stay tuned to find out the truth by watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.