Rumors for the upcoming week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that there will be truth-seekers as others try to cover up the facts. Detective Sanchez will want to find out what really happened to Emma but will be stonewalled by Ridge. Zoe tells him Thomas is responsible but has no proof. Xander has the footage showing the Forrester heir chasing Ms. Barber in his vehicle, and they will be on hand this week seeking forgiveness. Brooke will be outraged at her husband's actions and predictably turn to Dollar Bill who wants the head of Thomas on a platter.

It's going to be an exciting week for the Spencer, Forrester, and Logan families.

Ridge desperate to save Thomas

Soap Dirt indicates that Thomas will confess this week on "B&B" and his father will go ballistic. He did not actually murder Emma, but chased her and caused her car to go over the embankment. He is 100% guilty of watching her die, walking away and not calling for help. Dirty Laundry indicates that Ridge will be furious with his son, but want to save him at the same time. Detective Sanchez is seeking answers and Flo, Xoe, and Xander will probably put all the blame on Taylor's son. Thomas will exonerate his stepmother, but there may be no one to help him.

"B&B" rumors say Ridge will talk to Flo who is in jail, and she will tell him he really has no idea what his son is capable of.

Soap Dirt reports that Xander and Zoe will be begging for another chance and there does not seem to be but one way they will be forgiven. Its possible Ridge may cut a deal with them where he rehires the duo if they help keep Thomas out of jail. If this happens it may explain why Brooke gets angry and turns to Dollar Bill.

Brooke turns to Bill as usual

Hope's mom has seen a side of her stepson that Ridge will not acknowledge. She knows he has been stalking her daughter and kept Beth away from her mom for over a year. Brooke did not intend for Thomas to be hurt but she believes he should pay for his crimes. When she finds out that her husband is going out of his way to protect his son, Brooke will be angry.

Even though "B&B" rumors indicate that Thomas will tell detective Sanchez that his fall was an accident, his stepmom still wants him prosecuted for his crimes.

Should Zoe and Xander make a deal with Ridge, this will really cause his wife to become hostile and do what she always does. Brooke knows that Dollar Bill always has a listening ear, and he will be in agreement with her that Thomas must be deal with. "B&B" rumors indicate that Bill will be chomping at the bit to make sure the dressmaker's son does not go unpunished, so he will milk the situation for all it is worth. This may set up a "Brill" reunion, so stay tuned.