"The Bold and the Beautiful" executive producer Brad Bell indicated back in April that the grand finale to the baby switch would take place during November sweeps. He said there would be many twists and turns along the way and viewers can see this is true. Phoebe has been revealed as Beth, Dr. Buckingham is incarcerated and Flo has confessed. Xander and Zoe were fired and Thomas is being dealt with. Viewers probably wonder what else could happen but there are a number of storylines that seem headed for disaster, plus something new could show up on the horizon.

The Forresters, Spencers, and Logans are still in for a bumpy ride.

Phoebe/Beth storyline causes numerous problems

Spoiler alerts and rumors for "The Bold and the Beautiful" have suggested a number of possible upcoming scenario's. Brooke has turned to Bill who wants to bury Thomas for keeping his grandchild from him. This week, Ridge's wife is going to reach out to Eric Forrester, whose wife Quinn is contemplating helping Shauna and Flo. It has also been rumored that Ridge will go to Bikini bar after arguing with his wife and pass out from too much drinking.

Shauna is going to have the bartender named Danny help her take Ridge to her home. She will put him in her bed, which will give the impression he slept with her.

She will probably use this to blackmail him into helping her daughter get out of jail. "B&B" rumors also indicate that Steffy will soon be back on the screen and angry at her brother for all that he has been up to. There was also a rumor that Liam and Hope would try to adopt Douglas and Xander and Zoe will seek forgiveness.

Should these storylines move forward as is being projected then between now and November, things will be pretty hectic In LA.

The 'B&B' baby switch aftermath

Should things go as they are being reported regarding "The Bold and the Beautiful" then Ridge and Brooke will break up, Thomas and Flo will go free, and Xander and Zoe will be rehired.

Liam and Hope will begin a custody battle while Steffy will become estranged from her sibling. Quinn will help her friends which will cause problems in her marriage and Brooke will be torn between Eric and Dollar Bill.

Detective Sanchez will close the baby swap case which may cause Bill and Justin to seek their own brand of justice for Emma. Liam will be torn between Hope and Steffy. Kelly and Beth and Wyatt may be in a triangle between Flo and Sally. At some point, Taylor will show up and cause problems while attempting to get her children to reconcile. this is all par for the course so anything earth-shattering will be something unexpected that Brad Bell comes up with for "The Bold and the Beautiful."