"90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days" rates exceptionally well on cable TV. I speculated this past week, that's maybe why Tim Malcolm played his hand at getting a fast push into the spotlight via TLC. Over on Instagram and Twitter, each time the show airs, delighted and thoroughly entertained fans spark it up with giggles about people like Angela Deem and Michael. The cast comes across with some skillful editing as crazy half the time. This might explain the popularity of the "90dayfiancecraycray" page on IG. Most of our laughs at the awkward situations come from those audience reactions.

Double the fun from audience reactions to people like Michael and Angela Deem on '90 Day Fiance'

When people like Chrissy Teigen try the program out for entertainment value, and declare themselves happy with it, then you know you've got a winner. TV Shows Ace told us a week back that "Soon after watching some of the TLC show, Chrissy returned to Twitter and shared, “John 10 minutes in: “I do…not regret watching this.” Actually, she followed that up with funny Tweet this weekend. Chrissy noted, "I have spent the last 3 weeks filming mom as a "90 Day Fiancé" and I have no idea how to edit this footage but you’re gonna die if I ever get brains."

Yeah, so the bottom line is, if you're missing out on the franchise and a lot of belly laughs, it might be an idea to test it out.

Angela Deem and Michael really bring it on. There are loads of shows and couples to choose from, but these two deliver the funnies. In a recent episode preview, we saw Angela and Michael getting in some physical affection, and these scenes need to be unseen. Unfortunately, they probably won't ever erase themselves from your memory.

Hilarity on IG over unseeable scenes of '90 day Fiance'

In the screencaps that "90dayfiancecraycray" shared on IG, we see some shots of Michael and Angela getting physically intimate.

Micheal's from Nigeria and desperately wants his Green Card. But, he keeps messing things up. One of Angla's most common sayings is, "Michael, you lied to me again." Nevertheless, he persists and finally, we got to see them getting intimate. Well, not all the way, but what we saw was enough to press our inner 'delete' buttons. the IG admin captioned the post with, "Let’s just get the most disturbing scene out there first." Here's what some "90 Day Fiance" fans said about it:

  • @halarifai: "No visa, green card, passport, money is worth the molestation Mykul is enduring to get to the US. This is beyond disturbing. Idk whose in a worse situation here Karine with the fire starter or Mykul with The Marlborough granny."
  • @jessmariemccune: "@halarifai Marlboro granny I AM DEAD."
  • @jessmariemccune: "@halarifai girl, either way, you aren’t wrong!!!! I can’t keep a straight face whenever she’s on the TV."
  • @tylikesthis: "That can't be unseen now..."
  • @emilyyyy_mariee: "I never want to see this again ."
  • @pennyberry1130: "I'm off jiggy jiggy for a long time after that ."
  • @hurryup__andwait: "My eyes are burning......"
  • @jenngee16: "they do the so many gross things lol (the snail that she asked him to take from her mouth with a kiss ), but I can’t stop watching them, I would prefer a Michael n Angela show instead of “the family Chantel”...they are shockingly entertaining ."

Twitter fans giggling over '90 Day Fiance's' Michael and Angela Deem

The Twitterati also joined in the fun and @verebellum commented, "I just need to find out that Michael is a sh*tty person so I can be at peace knowing he deserves Angela.

#90DayFiance #90dayfiancebefore90days." Meanwhile, @Nas6 noted, "If Angela isn’t yelling up Michael that poor boy is getting felt up, un-enjoyably. #90DayFiance I’m not your elder. I’m just a love machine." Some people are blown away at it all, as evidenced by this tweet by @Jamille_H: "Just give Michael his green card. He's had to put up with so much sh*t AND he had s*x with Angela!! #90DayFiance."

What do you think about the unseeable intimacy scene that gets fans giggling over Michael and Angela Deem? Do you love the TLC show that brings most of our laughs at awkward situations that comes from audience reactions on social media?

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