Rumors for "The Bold and the Beautiful" say that things will become tense regarding the baby swap and a tragedy could unfold. Dr. Buckingham has been arrested, while Zoe and Xander were fired. Now everyone is focused on making Flo pay for her role in keeping Beth from her parents. At the cabin, Brooke and her sisters will tear into Reese’s accomplish and show no mercy when she asks for leniency. Ridge and Hope want her to be prosecuted as well. Meanwhile the nanny will deliver Douglas to his father who is so off the rails he verbally assaults his son.

Some type of confrontation takes place that may end in Thomas being arrested, or dying.

'B&B' tying up baby switch loose ends

Reese is in prison and Zoe and Xander no longer working for Forrester Creations. Flo is being dealt with and that leaves Thomas who must pay for his crimes. Rumors from Soap Dirt and Soap Opera Spy indicate that Hope and Ridge are our for blood where Flo is concerned and that the Logan sisters will rage against her at the family cabin. It looks like "The Bold and the Beautiful" is attempting to tie up lose ends regarding Beth/Phoebe storyline.

Fans of "B&B", however, should keep in mind that executive producer Brad Bell said the situation would not be resolved until November sweeps.

With all the key players accounted for, there is no indication what will take so long, but right now trouble is brewing. Ridge told Zoe and Xander that their only crime was lying but he wants the book thrown at Flo. Rumors say while at the cabin, both Shauna and her daughter will try to get the Logan’s to understand her predicament, but they won’t even try.

Thomas attacks his son, may lose his life

"B&B" rumors don’t say what will happen to Flo, but most likely she will end up in prison. The fate of Thomas, however, is pretty cut and dry. When the nanny brings Douglas to him, he will lose it and yell at his son for not obeying him and keeping quiet. The child will shout back that he hates his father which will no doubt throw the Forrester heir into a tale-spin.

Rumors suggest that Thomas might have kidnapped Hope and try to make a getaway with her. Liam May show up and there will be some type of violent confrontation.

Thomas will be apprehended by the police and arrested, taken to a mental health facility or die in a fight with Liam, possibly accidentally falling off a cliff. If he falls and no body is found this may keep the door open for a return. This may be a reason Brad Bell said things won’t conclude until November. One thing that is certain is that Ridge will be forced to admit his son is crazy.