On Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Kyle and Lola tie the knot as a dazed Summer looks on. The happy couple believes they are headed for wedded bliss but they are in for a surprise. After the nuptials, Theo will show up with Zoe and Kyle's secret will be made known to everyone. Summer found out on Thursday and later advised her ex-husband to watch his back. Spoilers suggest that this revelation may cause Lola to walk away from her husband, which could open a door for a Skyle reunion. Once Mr. Vanderway drops this bomb, Summer will be done with him.

He may, at that point, decide it's okay to seduce her mother.

Summer suffers through Kyle and Lola's wedding

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Friday is the big day for Kola and the wedding will go on as planned. Unknown to the happy couple, there is a bombshell that is about to be dropped. On Thursday's episode of "Y&R," Summer got Theo to tell her the New York secret, and even she was shocked. It seems Kyle and Theo threw a party and one of their guests passed out from drinking too much. They put the young lady in the car and decided to take her to the hospital. As Theo drove, Kyle looked at the young lady's ID and learned she was only 17. There was more panic when her last name revealed her father was someone important.

Kyle realized they would go to jail because of her age so he got Theo to drop the girl named Zoe off at the ER and they drove away. Later, her father shows up on their doorstep and he accepted a hefty sum of money from Kyle to drop the matter. Summer is stunned upon hearing this and accuses Theo of trying to cause problems.

She finds Kyle at Chancellor park preparing for the nuptials but does not disclose what she learned. She only warns him to be careful of Mr. Vaderway and leaves. CDL says she will attend the wedding as she promised, but "Y&R" viewers know her heart will be breaking.

Theo may move on from Summer to Phyllis

Soap Dirt says that if Summer kicks Theo to the curb, he may retaliate by seducing Phyllis.

Mr. Vanderway has shown he has no scruples and once Zoe causes trouble for Kola, he probably won't care much about anything. What he and Kyle did was wrong and he is equally to blame but can't accept that his party buddy wants to settle down. Although Summer was stunned by happened in New York, she can move on from it. Lola, on the other hand, will feel betrayed because her new husband kept this huge secret. "Y&R" spoilers don't indicate how the newlyweds will deal with this but more than likely it will cause a split.

Kyle will be ashamed and embarrassed when this secret comes out, and the only person who may not judge him will be Summer. It’s not clear why Zoe will come to Genoa City at Theo’s request considering he is as guilty as Kyle.

She was a drunk 17-year-old and did not know either man. For her to show up to ruin Kyle’s special day while giving Theo a free pass seems odd. Be sure not to miss Friday’s exciting episode of “The Young and the Restless."