Fans of "The Young and the Restless" have been wondering why Paul Williams has not been on-screen recently. When Doug Davidson returned to the CBS daytime drama, viewers assumed the popular actor would be front and center. Instead, he has only been on camera a few times and inquiring minds want to know what is going on. Soap Dirt is now reporting that the award-winning soap veteran will be returning to the show on Sept. 10. Davidson tweeted to curious fans that he would soon be back, but nothing has been said as to why his loyal followers have seen so little of him.

Nothing has been reported regarding the storyline he will be involved with.

Doug Davidson still not getting air time on 'Y&R'

For close to a year, Doug Davidson was not given any air time on "The Young and the Restless." His character, Paul Williams was simply on the show one day and gone the next without explanation. Rey and Sharon worked in the police station, but Chief Williams was nowhere to be seen. Once detective Rosales was seen in Paul's chair. Angry viewers blamed then-head writer Mal Young and demanded that the 40-year soap veteran be brought back. Davidson was rehired and Mal Young was let go but Paul is still not on camera as much as his fans would like.

Soap Dirt is reporting that Doug Davidson announced on social media that Paul will return to Genoa City life on Sept.

10. New head writer Josh Griffith has put much time and effort into revamping Michelle Stafford's version of Phyllis but has left Paul and his wife Christine by the wayside. Davidson tweeted sometime back that he was on recurring status, but it looks more like he is not even a part of the CBS daytime drama.

Doug Davidson's character not mentioned in 'Y&R' spoilers and rumors

Celeb Dirty Laundry has "Y&R" rumors for the next two weeks that involve Jack, Celeste, Kyle, and Lola. but do not mention the police chief at all. Previous CDL rumors indicate that Michael will have Chloe and Kevin arrested so perhaps the police chief will be on hand to deal with the new DA and his family.

When Paul first returned to the screen he was trying to find out who shot Adam. Later, he and Christine had several romantic scenes in Chancellor Park.

Doug Davidson's fans were most certainly expecting to see more of him on the screen once he returned to "The Young and the Restless." No explanation has been given for why the talented actor has not been a part of any major storylines, but Davidson did tweet not long ago that he is on recurring status. Viewers will eagerly be waiting to see police chief Paul Williams again on Sept. 10 and perhaps this time around his loyal fans will get to see more of him and Christine,