The old saying that when it rains it pours is very true for Steffy on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Her life is turning into the Biblical story of the trials of Job as one bad thing after another comes her way, This week, rumors indicate she will be dealing with several harsh realities, none of which are even her fault. Liam and Hope are taking Beth home, which means that Phoebe never existed. Rumors say Lope will reconnect which indicates that Ridge and Taylor's daughter will also lose her man. In addition, the brother she knew and loved has betrayed her in the worst way and is the initiator of a lot of her pain and sorrow.

Steffy is in crisis mode and mourning

On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Steffy fell into her father's arms and sobbed with grief as Liam and Hope took their daughter home. The little girl she named Phoebe and had raised for a year is now gone as if she never existed. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Steffy will be in deep mourning over all that she is losing. Everything happened so fast that she really has not had time to fully grasp what has taken place. She also cannot understand how Dr. Buckingham could do something like switch a dead baby with a living one and sell her.

In addition to her child being taken away, "B&B" rumors say Liam will leave Steffy for Hope. Steam would never have been together if it had not been Hope's desire for them to be a family, but now she wants her former husband back.

Sadly, if Thomas had not drugged him, Liam would never have slept with Steffy and given her the impression they would reunite. This betrayal by her brother may be the hardest for Ms. Forrester to bear.

Thomas breaks Steffy's heart

Eventually, Steffy will hear the entire awful truth which includes the role her brother played in the deception.

At some point Liam may realize he was drugged which indicates he was not looking for steam to reunite, Ridge has been reluctant to accept what he has been told about his son, but Soap Dirt indicates this will soon change. The "B&B" rumor says Thomas is going to kidnap Hope in a last-ditch attempt to have a relationship with her.

There is no way his father will be able to continue to deny that he is off the rails.

Steffy's heartbreak will continue as she mourns the loss of Phoebe and Liam. She will be stunned to know her sibling deceived her in such a devious manner. Her world is falling apart and there will be at least one more shocking blow. Xander is coming back to LA and he will surely tell the Forresters that Thomas is responsible for Emma's death.

Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" to find out how all of these situations are resolved. The drama with the Forresters, Logans, and Spencers takes place weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.