Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" indicate that big trouble is coming for Kevin Fisher. His wife will surface this week in Genoa City and Michael will arrest her. Kevin will be so outraged he will punch his sibling in the face, but it could all be staged. Adam is blackmailing both of Gloria Bardwell's son's so this could be a farce. Michael is representing the younger Newman son in the custody case but rumors say Nick will win. The new District Attorney may have had his sister in law arrested before Adam could do it himself. Kevin and Chloe have been off the grid lately but this week they will be front and center and who knows what trials will come their way.

Kevin defends a troubled Chloe

Victor helped Chloe fake her death and allowed her and her spouse to leave Genoa City. Once she found out Adam was alive, Chloe came to Genoa City and shot him. This was her third attempt to kill Victor's bad boy son and clearly, she needs continued mental help. Her husband, however, thinks all that is necessary is his love and being with Bella. Adam blackmailed Kevin and Michael into doing his bidding by promising not to have Chloe arrested for trying to kill him. Now, however "Y&R" rumors say the new DA will have his sister in law arrested and Kevin hits his sibling in the face.

Defending Chloe seems to be Kevin's sole mission at this time, so his attacking his brother could be from outrage or another reason.

Soap Hub and Soap Dirt suggest that this is all part of a plan that Gloria's boys set in motion in order to take Adam Newman down. Although Victor's namesake hired someone to take the fall for the shooting, Chloe still must face charges for attempted murder when she blew up the cabin with Adam inside. Kevin Fisher and his wife may have to remain in Genoa City for the long hall if she gets significant jail time, or they may leave again as quickly as they surfaced.

Kevin and Michael's true plans remain secret

Michael and Adam know, and Phyllis suspects that Kevin is the one who abducted her. Kidnapping charges would land Mr. Fisher in jail alongside his wife. It appears that Michael will double-cross Adam in order to protect his brother, but he also seems enamored of his job as the new Genoa City DA.

If the brothers are working together to take down Adam, their true intentions have remained secret thus far.

Once Chloe is arrested, perhaps things will become a bit more clear. Viewers will be able to know for certain if the siblings are working together or against each other. Make sure you keep up with the Genoa City action by tuning in to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM.