On "General Hospital" Robert Scorpio has never given Faison's son the benefit of the doubt. While others say that Peter August has redeemed himself, and Maxie is dating him, Anna's ex continues to refer to him as Henrik. The new DA has told Peter that he does not trust him and now after Friday, it seems the former WSB agent has excellent instincts. Mr. August met with Shiloh who threatened to tell the good citizens of Port Charles that Peter assisted Helena Cassadine with `abducting Jason and Drew when she wanted to make them her soldiers. At the end of the episode, Maxie's beau made a phone call, instructing someone to make sure that Andrew Cane never finds Andre Maddox.

Peter truly is Henrick

Peter's relationship with Maxie has been moving along slowly and he has said on more than one occasion that he is new to romance. On Thursday he finally told Nathan's widow that he loves her and she replied that she loved him too. Mr. August has been above board, a great businessman and very supportive of Lulu in her time of need. He and Anna have been building a relationship and life seemed to be looking up for him. The one person who continues to be skeptical is Robert. On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," viewers realized DA Scorpio's instincts were spot on.

After Shiloh threatened to expose Peter's role in Helena's scheme, he agreed to help the cult leader. As Friday's episode of "General Hospital" was about to end, Peter stood with a menacing look on his face as he made a phone call.

He told the person on the other end to make sure that Andrew Cane was stopped, and he never finds Andre Maddox. Earlier in the week, Curtis, Drew, and Liz were discussing that perhaps Dr. Andre could help remove Drew's memories from Franco and\ help him retrieve his own. The kook on his face let those watching know they were looking at Henrik Faison in the flesh.

Peter may not be Anna's son

There have been "General Hospital' rumors during the past week that Anna may not be Peter's mother. Dr. Cabot said if he were shown leniency he would let Ms. Devane know which memories she has are her own and those that are her sister's. Since Peter is going int Henrik mode, it makes sense to now indicate that Alex and not her twin slept with Cesar Faison.

This would ease the pain should it be true that Peter is responsible for Andrew Cane's death.

Billy Miller has wrapped up his last scene on "General Hospital" there have been numerous rumors insisting that his plane would go down and he would be missing or presumed dead. It's possible he won't die, but be held somewhere in captivity and escape later on. This way the role could be recast or Billy Miller may decide to come back to the ABC daytime drama. Stay tuned and be watching Peter August closely to find out what his next step will be.