Last week on "General Hospital" Stella left Port Charles to look for her DNA match family member in London, England. Curtis and Jordan had asked their "Auntie" if she had given up a child at birth because the genetic testing indicated her relative was a close one. Now, however, it has been determined that Ms. Henry's family member is a second cousin once removed. Fans of Vernee Watson don't have cause for concern because the actress is only going to be off the ABC daytime drama temporarily. She will be filming a CBS primetime program entitled "Bob Hearts Abishola" and her character's name will be Gloria.

Auntie Stella heads to London

When Stella found out she had a relative through genetic testing, it was implied that the individual lived in Port Charles. This had viewers wondering who Curtis Ashford's "Auntie" was related to. Now it turns out that her family member is in London and last week Ms. Henry decided to visit her new relation. She had just helped Sonny and Carly with preparations for Mike and Vivienne's wedding and told her nephew that it was time to live for herself. This gave "GH" fans the impression she was saying goodbye to the ABC daytime drama.

Celeb Dirty Laundry now reveals that Vernee Watson will only be off-screen temporarily to film a CBS prime time program. The actress will be part of the cast of "Bob Hearts ABishola" where she will portray Gloria.

The show takes place in a hospital where a man named Bob falls in love with his nurse named Abishola. Nothing has been said as to when Aunt Stella will return from London so fans will have to be on the lookout for updated spoilers.

Vernee Watson's future on 'GH'

As a teenager, Vernee Watson was on the hit ABC sitcom Welcome Back Kotter." She later portrayed Will Smith's mother on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Coincidentally, Janet Huber who portrays Yvonne on "General Hospital" originated the role of Aunt Viv on Fresh Prince.

As for her future in Port Charles, its possible things may work out for Stella to find love again with her former beau Marcus Godfrey. She will also be on hand to help him deal with the fact that his wife is slipping away because of Alzheimer's disease.

Soap Dirt spoilers indicate that Liz and Drew will grow closer as they deal with Franco believing he is Andrew Cane.

Curtis will no doubt be on hand to help his friend through this troubling time. The truth that Willow and not Sasha is Nina's daughter will soon come to light and Mr. Ashford will be angry that Valentin used him to pull off this scam. He is going to need his Auntie's help when all the chaos ensues so there is much waiting for Stella when she returns to Port Charles. Continue watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.