This week on "The Young and the Restless" Michael will honor his oath as DA to uphold the law. One of the first actions he will take is to have his sister in law arrested. Spoilers say that Kevin will be outraged and punch his brother in the face, but could it all be an act? Lauren, Victor, and Billy have all questioned the District Attorney regarding his recent behavior. Victor went so far as to tell him that he better be on the right side when it comes to the custody hearing. It's not certain what Mr. Baldwin is really up to. He could be power tripping and trying to please Adam who is holding something over his head.

He also might be working with Kevin and Chloe to take the prodigal Newman son down.

Michael could be in league with Kevin and Chloe

Michael Baldwin vowed that he would do anything to protect his family and he made a deal with Adam to keep Chloe out of jail. He is also hiding the fact that it was Kevin who kidnapped Phyllis. "Y&R" rumors pose the question of what is really going on with the new Genoa City District Attorney? Is he simply doing Adam's bidding to protect his loved ones, or is there a secret plan to take Victor's namesake down. Soap Dirt suggests that the DA is really plotting with his brother and sister in law, which would indicate that Chloe's arrest and Kevin's punch was staged.

Soap Hub indicates that Chloe's arrest will be shocking, no doubt because most everyone believes she is dead. Having Adam and Kevin's wife both show up alive in Genoa City will be a bit much for some of the residents. "Y&R" rumors don't say how this will turn out, but if Michael has a plan, then things should eventually work in his favor.

There is one situation which could cause problems and that is the outcome of the custody case.

Custody case could cause problems for new DA Michael Baldwin

Rumors have indicated that Judge Sanders will grant full custody of Christian to Nicholas. It's not yet known if there are any conditions or whether Adam will be granted visitation rights.

What viewers of "The Young and the Restless" do know is that the prodigal Newman will be livid and may turn on his lawyer. He told Michael on several occasions that he had better see that he wins custody of his son. Once he loses, Victor's namesake might turn on the new DA with a vengeance.

Be sure not to miss any of the upcoming episodes of "The Young and the Restless." Rumors tease that there will be a lot of must-see TV that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Chloe's return is sure to rattle a lot of folk in Genoa City, who will eagerly await to find out her final fate.