Dr. Andre Maddox once dated Jordan, and later Anna on "General Hospital." When his role in implanting Jason's memories into Drew was discovered, he spent some time in prison. The memory mapping physician is now off in parts unknown, but there is need of him in Port Charles. Elizabeth Weber is desperate to turn "Dranco" back into the man she loves and married. Her heart is breaking because her spouse wants nothing to do with her or her boys, The only reason he remained in town is that Scott had an ankle bracelet put on him until his trial. Can Andre be found and reverse this curse before the man who believes he is Drew Cain walks away forever?

Franco needs Andre desperately

Over time, "General Hospital" has revealed that the memory transfer would not work on Jason because he had a brain injury after a motorcycle accident. Franco had a brain tumor removed but that did not stop the process from being a success, as he now believes he is Andrew Cane. There seems to be some type of loophole, however, where Elizabeth can get her husband back. The catch is that Dr. Cabot cannot perform the procedure, but Andre Maddox may be able to help.

Franco is out on bail and wearing an ankle monitor, to keep him from leaving Port Charles before his court appearance. While incarcerated he told Drew that the money Shiloh is seeking is inside the vehicle that Cameron now owns.

Drew retrieved the cash and is headed to Afghanistan to return it and "GH" rumors tease that this is where he many die or be presumed missing. This is why Dr. Maddox is desperately needed to return and set things right.

Dr. Maddox may save Franco

With Drew missing and presumed dead, his friends and loved ones will be in mourning.

They need something to give them hope for the future. If Dr. Maddox can be located, come back to Port Charles, and agree to help Franco, then Liz, her boys, Obrecht, and others would be eternally grateful to him. It's not known yet whether or not Bobby Frank Baldwin will retain the memories of Andrew Cane or simply have his own restored.

He has already recalled enough from Drew's past to give answers to Kim and keep Shiloh imprisoned.

Soap Dirt indicates that Liz will be crushed by her husband's apathy, and Soaps She Knows says a search for Dr. Andre Maddox will ensue. Time is of the essence because once the ankle bracelet is removed, "Dranco" will be anxious to get far away from all things Port Charles, except for Kim. He believes he is in love with her because he has Drew's memories and she is having mixed emotions about him.

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