Rumors for "The Young and the Restless" suggest that Billy Abbott has dissociative disorder and that is why he tried to run his wife's half brother down with his vehicle. On Friday, Phyllis convinced the prodigal son that his father was the most likely culprit, so Adam confronted his dad about it. Victor proclaimed his innocence but Hope's son would not listen. By the time the episode was over, Adam was telling Phyllis about Victor's rare blood disorder and said his father was not invincible. Ms. Summers told her partner in crime that he should let the illness run its course, but Adam seemed to imply that Victor should meet his demise in another way.

Adam may plan his father's death

Soaps She Knows "Y&R" rumors indicate that Adam is going to cross a line next week and be caught in the act by his stepmom. Is it possible that Victor's youngest son is planning to kill him? The conversation between the bad boy and Phyllis seemed to imply that the Newman patriarch needed to be dealt with, but it was not said in a specific manner. Adam's meaning can be left up to interpretation, but when his father mentioned his mother Hope, he was really hostile.

Victor told his son that Hope would be ashamed of the man he had become and this seemed to hurt. Adam went straight to Phyllis, who he knows is only looking out for herself. He is so vulnerable right now that he is not thinking straight and she can probably talk him into anything.

Phyllis told the Newman patriarch that she would take everything from him, and she is angry Abby cut her out of The Grand Phoenix deal. On Friday's "Y&R" episode, Phyllis found out that Abby had fired her, but was going to continue to use Theo, which really got under her skin. She may be so offended that she pushes Adam to kill his own father.

Adam and Phyllis together are diabolic

"Y&R" rumors last week implied that Adam would push his father until he collapsed. Could he be so cold-hearted that he would cause his dad to pass out and potentially leave him to die? Soap Hub indicates that Newman and Phyllis are a monster and a schemer, so who knows what they'll do. If Nikki catches Adam crossing a line, he could be tampering with his father's medication.

Phyllis might even encourage him to set up some kind of accident and naturally, her hands would be clean.

Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST to "The Young and the Restless" to find out what Adam and Phyllis are planning for Victor. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and rumors that hint at upcoming storylines. It sounds like this new diabolic duo is out for blood, but they may get caught in their own trap. Victor Newman has come out on top of his enemies thus far, so his son and former daughter in law had better watch out.