On "The Bold and the Beautiful," Hope Logan is desperate to take charge of her life. After finding out that Zoe's dad replaced her baby girl with a dead child, she is angry that so many people played God where she was concerned. Flo tried desperately, on Monday, to obtain her cousin's forgiveness for lying about Phoebe. Hope responded by saying she would never forgive what was done to her. Now she is making moves to rectify the situation. Legal steps will be taken to annul her marriage and to erase all trace of Beth's adoption. Thomas will go off the rails and a deadly showdown will take place at the cliff cabin.

Hope is determined to have control over her life

In Catalina, Hope trusted Dr. Buckingham but he lied, saying that her baby died and gave the child to Taylor for Steffy. She welcomed her new cousin into the family, only to find that Flo has been lying, the entire time, about Beth being alive. Xander and Zoe were trusted employees and kept the secret about the baby switch, then she married Thomas who has been the most deceitful. This is why Ms. Logan feels it is necessary to take charge and make important decisions. On Tuesday's "B&B" episode, Hope reached out to Justin Barber for help dissolving her marriage as well as the adopting Phoebe.

Hope believes ending her marriage and undoing the adoption will give her a clean break but her husband won't like it.

"B&B" rumors from Soap Dirt reveal that Ridge's will withhold information from Detective Sanchez regarding his son's violent past. Brooke will blurt out everything but it won't stop Thomas from going off the rails. Hope's desire for control will lead to a cliff house cliffhanger where someone could lose their life, most likey Thomas.

Thomas is falling apart on 'B&B'

On Tuesday's episode of "B&B," as Hope was talking to Justin, Thomas was fixated on the fact that his wife could have reunited with Liam. He was overthinking the matter and becoming more enraged. Soaps She Knows reveals that, when Hope tells Thomas the marriage is over, he will go ballistic. This is what will lead to the showdown at the cabin.

Rumors indicate that Ridge, Brooke, Liam, and Hope will be at the cliff house and this is where things will intensify.

On Tuesday, Thomas referred to Douglas as a brat who ratted him out. His behavior is changing drastically and Hope dissolving their marriage will push him over the edge. Rumors have been insinuating that an altercation may take place between the Forrester heir and Liam. The situation will intensify and Thomas could go over the cliff. He may be rescued and brought to justice or, Ridge and Taylor's son may die. Nothing has been said for certain so viewers will have to continue tuning in to "The Bold and the Beautiful" to see what happens at the cliff house.