Xander Avant returns to the scene of the crime this week on "The Bold and the Beautiful." The person who gives him the most backlash will be Brooke who is in mama bear mode. Ms. Logan is furious with everyone who had a hand in keeping the secret that Phoebe is really Flo. Initially, Xander wanted to tell Hope the truth but Thomas ran him off. He and Zoe broke up when she refused to reveal what her father had done. Now the details are out and more people in the Logan/Forrester/Spencer families are discovering more every day. Mr. Avant has lost his lady love and now the respect of those he lied to.

He may even lose his job at Forrester Creations.

Xander bullied by Thomas

When Xander Avant found out that Thomas ran Emma's vehicle off the road and caused her death, he was in shock. He wanted to reveal to everyone the terrible secret he was hiding and let them know what really happened to Ms. Barber. Instead, he allowed Thomas to bully him and then fled town when Zoe did not see things his way. Now, Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Opera Spy say that Maya's cousin will return to the scene of the crime. He will come back to LA to face the music and it will not be pretty. Rumors say that Brooke will be furious at the number of people who could have ended this nightmare for her daughter but did not.

Rumors say Brooke will be livid with Xander for remaining silent and not ending her daughter's grief. The good thing about Maya's cousin returning is that he can collaborate with what Zoe and Flo have been saying about Thomas. They all are equally guilty in the cover-up but the Forrester heir is responsible for Zoe's death.

"B&B" executive producer Brad Bell has said this storyline will not end until November. The snail's pace at which the characters are recalling recent events indicates it may indeed take that long, especially to get Thomas to come clean. He has run roughshod over everyone and his reign of terror needs to end.

Xander's future uncertain on 'B&B'

"B&B" rumors don't say what the future holds for Xander Avant but it probably won't be pretty. He and Zoe may never get back together and he could lose his position at Forrester Creations. His uncle, aunt, and cousin have not been seen on screen for quite some time so, without Zoe and his job, he really has no place in LA. He may get a little empathy when his entire story is told regarding how he tried to tell Hope and stop her wedding, but instead, Thomas silenced him.

Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Hub promise to give updated spoiler alerts as soon as new information becomes available. Until then be sure to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" each weekday afternoon on CBS. The drama continues Monday through Friday, at 1:30 PM EST. The revelations regarding the baby swap are coming daily so make sure you don't miss upcoming episodes.