Xander and Zoe were fired last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful" after admitting their role in covering up the baby switch. Ridge said they had broken no laws and would not have to go to jail, but they were banished from Forrester Creations. Dr. Reese has been apprehended and rumors say Flo will be arrested this week. Thomas is the last one of the group who will have to be dealt with. The question now, however, is what will be the future of Mr. Avant and Ms. Buckingham? Everyone on the CBS daytime drama works for the Forresters or Bill Spencer in some capacity, and Dollar Bill will not hire the duo because Beth is his grandchild.

Viewers will be watching and waiting to find out what the future holds for this couple.

Zoe and Xander may have no future on 'B&B'

Xander came to LA as the cousin of Maya, who is rarely seen on "The Bold and the Beautiful" anymore. Her parents, the Avant's have not been a part of the show in an even longer period of time. Zoe showed up because she wanted to renew the relationship she and Xander had when he was in Europe. Her father was only in town a short while and now is in custody for switching Hope's baby with a dead one. Neither of these individuals has any real ties to anyone and now they have been banished from the Forrester kingdom.

Every adult character, on "The Bold and the Beautiful," is employed by the Forrester's or works for Dollar Bill Spencer.

Xander and Zoe will need a miracle to find somewhere to work, at this point. Dollar Bill will be outraged that they kept his grandaughter's situation a secret, and Justin will probably blame them for Emma's death. There has not been any news on Adrian Bradley or Kiara Barnes leaving the CBS daytime drama so viewers have no clue of what will happen next with them.

Xander and Zoe could be forgiven

Soap Hub indicates that the fallout from the baby swap and the harsh feelings will continue for a while. Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals, however, that a few "B&B" characters may have forgiveness on their minds. Wyatt is having second thoughts about Flo and his mother, Quinn, is going to push him to forgive her.

If the woman who pretended to have given birth and handed her child over for adoption can be given another chance, then so can Xander and Zoe.

For now, Reese's daughter and Maya's cousin are out of jobs and have no visible way of making a living. Things could change, however, because of Thomas Forrester. When Ridge has to face the truth about his son, he naturally will not be as harsh on him as he has been with the others. Should the truth come out about Emma's death, Ridge could have a change of heart regarding Zoe and Xander. Be on the lookout for updates for this storyline and continue watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST.