Rumors for "The Bold and The Beautiful" indicate that the aftermath of the baby switch will heat up this coming week. Soap Hub says Detective Sanchez will be called in and he is desperate for a case. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates Flo will go to jail. Wyatt is going to have second thoughts about his fiancee and her predicament which will no doubt cause problems with Liam. It's not known if Shauna's daughter will make bail or remain locked up until her trial. On Friday she made a heartfelt plea to her cousin for leniency, but Hope was not in a forgiving mood.

This is not to say that things won't change somewhere down the line.

Flo faces the music

On Friday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" Brooke, Donna, and Katie were at the cabin with Hope and Beth when Shauna and Flo showed up. The Logans tore into Wyatt's fiancee and her mother and showed no mercy. The women agree with Ridge that the authorities should be called, and Flo pays for her role in the phony adoption. Dr. Buckingham has been arrested, Xander and Zoe have been fired so only Flo and Thomas remain to answer for their deceit. Even though Ridge is aware his son was involved, he is putting that on the back burner until he can get a hold of him.

Soap Hub says Detective Sanchez will be called in and he will be excited to take on this case and is desperate to win.

Flo has confessed and Reese has no doubt told his tale so it should be an open and shut. Celeb Dirty Laundry is certain she will go to jail but she may not stay there long. On "The Bold and the Beautiful," you never can be certain and somehow, someway, Dr. Buckingham's accomplice may not end up serving a lot of time.

Wyatt has second thoughts about Flo

Soap Hub indicates that Wyatt will have second thoughts about his fiancee. Last week he apologized to Sally and admitted that the secret she kept from him was not nearly as devastating as the one Flo was hiding. Even though she still loves him Ms. Spectra said she was appalled that he showed up acting as if all would be well between them again.

Wyatt may be still in love with Flo, and if he feels sorry for her, he has two allies in Quinn and Shauna. Earlier "B&B" rumors said that Quinn is going to stand by Flo which will cause problems with the Forresters.

Even though Flo is guilty of numerous crimes, her wrongdoing may be overshadowed by the actions of Thomas. Xander has video proof that Ridge and Taylor's son ran Emma off the road and caused her death. If the heir to the Forrester dynasty is apprehended, Detective Sanchez will have another notch on his belt. Should Thomas go over the cliff in his confrontation with Liam, the tragedy may cause his family to blame Shauna's daughter. Be sure not to miss the exciting episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" during the next two weeks.