The tension is mounting on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and this week the drama is kicked up a notch or two. Hope will decide to take charge of her life by annulling her marriage. She will also turn to Justin to undo the phony adoption and ensure that Beth is legally her daughter. Thomas will become enraged that his wife will not give him another chance and come out of hiding to deal with her. He will corner her at the cliff house where he also addresses little Douglas. Terrible Tom will scold his son for spilling the Beth secret then turn his wrath on his spouse.

Ridge and Brooke separately will race to the rescue and try to prevent a tragedy. Earlier rumors said Liam would be there and he and Thomas would fight. It's possible that someone might go over the cliff to their death.

Ridge believes he has failed Thomas

Rumors from Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soaps She Knows indicate that the cliff house will be the location for a possible tragedy this week on "The Bold and the Beautiful." Thomas will find out that Hope wants to dissolve their union and he will go off the rails. Amelia the nanny will take Douglas to his father and terrible Tom is going to berate the child for telling the truth. Meanwhile, Ridge will be telling Brooke that he feels as if he failed his son and was not a good father.

Ridge has been quick to fire Zoe and Xander, and have Flo and Dr. Buckingham arrested. He now must deal with the awful truth that his own son was involved and caused Emma's death. Detective Sanchez will be called in to arrest Zoe, but he will want to question Thomas as well. This will be a bit more than Ridge is able to handle.

"B&B" rumors don't say how they find out what is going on, but Brooke and her husband will eventually arrive at the cliff house separately to witness Thomas becoming unhinged.

Showdown at the cliff house may end in tragedy

"B&B" rumors indicate that Thomas will be livid that Douglas defied his orders to keep the secret about Beth.

He will argue with the child, which shows how totally unhinged he has become. He will more than likely verbally assault Hope as well and try to convince her not to give up on their marriage. At some point, Ridge and Brooke will arrive separately and perhaps Detective Sanchez will follow. If Liam is there then he and Thomas will probably get into an altercation.

Rumors do not say for certain but imply that tragedy will unfold on the cliff. Thomas could fall over during his fight with Liam, or be shot by the detective. It's possible, but hopefully not true that terrible Tom could be holding Douglas or Hope and take them over the cliff with him. Whatever happens, things will not end well for Ridge and Taylor's son.

If he survives the cliff he will be arrested and either way, it will be a tragedy for his family. Be sure to watch every episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful" this coming week so you don't miss any of the exciting upcoming scenes.