General Hospitalseems to be possibly setting Anna and Robert up for a romantic reunion. For months things have been happening to throw the former super couple together. When Finn was about to propose to Anna, the once WSB agent, Scorpio, bowed out gracefully. He had been giving the doctor a hard time for months. When there was a mix-up, with the engagement ring, Ms. Devane said she loved Robin’s father but was no longer "in love" with him. Since then Robert has been named Port Charles DA and Hayden has returned to town. It was revealed, last week, that Ms.

Barnes has a daughter and this will change everything. Should Dr. Finn choose his baby mama and child, then who knows what’s possible for the once married spies?

Robert putting down roots in Port Charles

It looks like Robert and Anna have agreed to be friends only but this could change. Ms. Devane will return to Port Charles to find her ex-husband has put down roots and is now the new DA. She will also come in contact with Hayden Barnes who used to be in love with Finn. Ms. Barnes was pregnant when she left town but later said she miscarried. “General Hospital " viewers found out last week that Hayden is hiding Finn’s daughter who should be about two years old.

At some point on “General Hospital” Hayden will be forced to reveal Hamilton Finn’s daughter to him.

There will naturally be anger and shock but the couple will have to work together for the best interest of the child. Hayden is a grifter and always has many irons in the fire. Only moments after she showed up on the Haunted Star, Elizabeth told Franco that her sister was up to something. Ms. Barnes and Jax are trying to find something that they believe is hidden at Wyndemere.

They are keeping secrets from Nina and Valentin and playing Obrecht’s like a fiddle. This way, should anything unethical be going on Restless very Scorpio will be on the case.

Finn May choose Hayden and Robert comfort Anna

Dr. Finn could be offended for a while at his baby mama but their daughter may eventually bring them together.

Robert naturally will be there as Anna’s friend to lend comfort and help her pick up the pieces and move on. “General Has spiral” could be setting Mr. Scorpio and Ms. Devane up for a grand reunion or they could simply remain friends. One thing that is certain is that Anna will need her former spouse in order to deal with the devious Ms. Barnes.

Hayden is allowing Shawn to rot in jail when she knows it was Nikolas who tried to kill her. She accepted her sister’s hospitality and is keeping multiple secrets from her. She lied to Finn and he grieved a child who never died and is two years old. Even so, this couple could reunite and Robert has to help Anna through her pain. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to find out what happens next on “General Hospital."