"General Hospital" viewers are making their voices heard regarding Hayden Barnes returning to Port Charles. Some want to know what Jax and Ms. Barnes are searching for at Wyndemere and others are angry that she is keeping Dr. Finn's daughter away from him. Based on comments on a recent Celeb Dirty Laundry spoiler alert, some viewers don't see the point of Elizabeth's sister returning to Port Charles at all. If the writers have a method to this madness, they should quickly clue in those who watch the ABC daytime drama. When those who enjoy the soaps become disgruntled, ratings drop and heads roll.

Hayden in Port Charles mystifies some viewers

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that on Monday's "GH" episode, Jax and Hayden will disagree on Nina. Ms. Barnes will consider her a spoiled rich girl but Josslyn's dad sees something else. He points out how his own brother Jerry was lethal where everyone else was concerned but always had his brother's back. Jax points out that although Valentin is trouble, he worships the ground that Nina walks on. Ms. Barnes has her mind made up and is not buying anything her boss is saying.

At the end of the article "General Hospital" viewers gave comments and there was not one that was in praise of M. Barnes returning to Port Charles Whatever purpose the writers have for allowing her to keep Finn's daughter from him for two years is lost on the viewers.

Hayden has been back for awhile now, but it was only Thursday when she made a phone call that confirmed her child was alive and well. Viewers cannot conceive of a reason she would keep the little girl from her father, and why she is just waltzing around town as if she has not a care in the world.

Fans want to know what's hidden at Wyndemere

"Jayden" Jax and Hayden have alluded to a previous connection which they say was not romantic. Now they are working together to recover something they believe is hidden at Wyndemere. Earlier spoiler alerts alluded to the possibility that they may stumble upon a very much alive Nikolas, but nothing has come of their efforts.

With "General Hospital" fans in an uproar it would be nice if the writers answered a few of the lingering questions. Fans want to know what the duo is searching for on the Cassadine property and why Hayden is hiding her child from Finn?

Anna will soon be back in Port Charles and this might shake Hayden up a bit. When she has to see Ms. Devane with her baby daddy, it might push Ms. Barnes to divulge the truth about Finn's daughter. Be on the lookout for spoiler alerts and "GH" rumors to get an idea of what may happen next. Be sure to tune in weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST to keep up with all the Port Charles drama.