On "The Young and the Restless" Adam and Phyllis continue to come together then fall apart just like a romantic couple. Their connection, however, is rooted in being the town pariah's and not a great love they have for each other. This duo has put their resources together, only to backstab each other more than once. After saying she never wanted anything to do with him again, Ms. Summers finds herself in great need of her ally. She was just screwed over by Abby ad Chelsea and knows that both women have treated Victor's son badly as well. Phyllis wants to try one more time to formulate a plan where they take down everyone who has come against them, including the great Victor Newman.

Phyllis wants to burn bridges in Genoa City

Phyllis is like the child who keeps being mistreated by the bully but is unable to walk away, and who keeps going back thinking the next time things will get better, Ms. Newman was supposed to be running the Grand Phoenix Hotel with Adam but he sold it to Abby, Victor overheard his former daughter in law saying she would eventually take the company away from his youngest child. He warned Abby who cut a deal with Chelsea and now Phyllis is out in the cold. "Y&R" rumors say that Ms. Summer will end up crawling back to Adam and proposing that they work together yet again.

Victor's namesake will be on the offensive after crashing a meeting, where the other Newmans were gathered and he ha not been invited.

"Y&R" rumors, from Soaps She Knows, indicate that on Monday Adam will decide to end his custody fight for his son. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Judge Sanders will award custody of Christian to Nick and Adam will lose. Whatever happens, Phylis will insist, to her partner in crime, that they should work together and burn bridges in Genoa City.

The two will be drinking and toast to their new union but what does it all mean.

Adam and Phyllis will not give up

Phyllis and Adam, together, are like children who are told the stove is hot, yet they continue to touch it and get burned. Instead of playing nice and seeking forgiveness, these two always have some angle and feel the world owes them.

This duo has the potential to do great things if they did not have so much baggage. No matter how badly they have been burned by others or what they do to each other, "Phadam" continues on. At some point on "The Young and the Restless", it's not a stretch to consider that they may cross that thin line between love and hate.

The one common denominator between this unlikely pair is their disdain for all things Newman. Both Adam and Phyllis have separately told Victor to his face that they will take him down, but the family patriarch does not seem worried. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST to find out what the prodigal son and the fiery redhead are planning next.