Dollar Bill has not been involved in a major storyline on "The Bold and the Beautiful" for quite some time. Now, however, the rumor is that he will be back in rare form demanding his own brand of justice for the baby swap. Liam's dad wants everyone involved in the Phoebe/Beth coverup to pay and pay dearly. Reese is in jail, Flo is about to be arrested and Thomas will be fighting for his life in the hospital. The Spencer patriarch will be on the warpath and desires to ensure that none of them ever see the light of day again. This may cause problems with Ridge, who will blame Brooke for his son's condition.

It could set up the end of the "Bridge" marriage and reunite "Brill" in the near future.

Bill wants to avenge Liam and Beth

Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry are suggesting that Ridge will blame Brooke for his son being hospitalized. He may even suspect that she was trying to murder Thomas. Ridge has demanded justice for everyone else involved in the baby switch but is showing terrible Tom some leniency. By focusing on Brooke's motives, it turns the heat away from the dirty deeds his son has done in the past few months. Dollar Bill Spencer, however, wants Thomas to pay for his crimes.

Ridge and Dollar Bill have been co-existing recently and have not openly shown their usual animosity towards each other.

This will change soon and the Forrester/Spencer feud will be on once again. Both men are protective of their families, but Ridge and Taylor's son cause Bill's son to be separated from his daughter. Instead of Brooke's husband acknowledging that Thomas is just as guilty as everyone else and may have led Emma to her death, "B&B" rumors say he will focus on the fact that his wife pushed his son over the embankment.

Meanwhile, Bill demands justice for Liam and Beth.

Dollar Bill makes up for lost time on 'B&B'

If the rumors are true regarding "The Bold and the Beautiful" then Liam's dad is going to make up for lost time. He will be on the warpath because both he and his son have missed an entire year of little Beth's life. In true Dollar Bill mode, he will berate the dressmaker for not raising his son right and or getting him help when he first showed signs of mental illness years ago.

Bill will also want the book thrown at Thomas because of his involvement in Emma's death.

Ms. Barber's uncle Justin is Bill Spencer's right-hand man and close friend so no stone will be left unturned until Thomas never sees the light of day if he lives. Dollar Bill will also side with Brooke regarding her shoving Thomas out of fear for Hope's life. "B&B" rumors are that Ridge is going to accuse his wife of attempted murder and Bill will no doubt swoop in to save his former wife. This could also bring about a Brill reunion and end the Bridge marriage.