On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital," Dr. Finn and Hayden crossed paths yet again. She was admiring a picture their daughter had drawn but lied to Finn that her nephew Aiden made it for her. Robert Scorpio finds the ex-lovers in close quarters and picks up on the vibe between them. He warned the Infectious disease physician that Anna is his fiancee, not Ms. Barnes. Anna Devane has been gone from Port Charles all summer but will soon return. She will be shocked to discover that the man she is about to marry has been bumping into his ex, and they both will be stunned when they learn that "Fayden" has a daughter.

Hayden's loose lips may sink her

Hayden was at Charlie's bar holding a finger painting that her daughter had made. During a phone call, she told someone to tell her child that mommy loves her. She then overheard Alexis discussing, with Molly, the brief time she dated Hamilton Finn. Miss Barnes overheard and went rushing over and asking whether the doctor had ever mentioned her. Alexis refused to discuss the matter and then Hayden told Molly they should sit down together, sometime, and swap Cassadine stories.

Molly and her mom were mystified as to what Hayden Barnes was up to and decided it was best if they did not know. A few moments later, Finn walked into Charlies and bumped into his ex-fiancee.

He asked her about the paper in her hand and she lied saying that Elizabeth's son Aiden gave to her. Robert was watching and, when Ms. Barnes was gone, he reminded the good doctor which woman he was engaged to. He also pointed out that he could see the chemistry was still there with Fayden.

Robert and Finn work together to get Cassandra

The subject was switched and Robert filled Finn in regarding Cassandra Pierce. The two men will put their differences aside in order to find the fugitive who put Sasha's life at risk. When Anna returns to Port Charles she will find that her ex-husband and her current fiancee are working together.

She will probably be stunned by all the changes since she left town. "General Hospital" seems to be on a path to cooling things with Hamilton Finn, and Anna and igniting the heat between the doctor and Hayden. If Robert noticed the chemistry, then so will others.

DA Scorpio may allow things to play out and be there to console his ex-wife when Finn's daughter comes to light. He could also decide he wants more than friendship and desires a relationship with Anna again. All of this will probably for now, as Robert and the good doctor work together to apprehend Cassandra Pierce. Be sure not to miss the exciting episodes of "General Hospital" that are coming up to find out what happens when Anna deals with Hayden. Things are about to become interesting in Port Charles.