The revelations of “America's Got Talent” voting results always move swiftly, but still have to fill an hour of prime time TV. The August 28th reveal of the voting results from the quarterfinal performances seemed to fly by from start to finish, except for the three surprising acts named in the first few moments of the show. Comedienne Jackie Fabulous, who had a flawless routine depicting her dating life, devoted dog and owner performers, Lukas & Falco, and guitar virtuoso, Marcin Patrzalek, were named in the sixth, seventh, and eighth place in the results.

The ranking meant that the three highly-praised performers would be under the agonizing pressure of counting down the minutes to see who would get the last saving vote for “America's Got Talent” semifinals, and who would be redeemed by the judges.

Surprise and joyful spirit

Howie Mandel responded to Terry Crews by saying that he was very surprised to see one of the acts up for the save vote. Considering that the judge is a lifelong comedian himself, it’s not a mental leap to realize that he is on the side of Jackie Fabulous, rooting her on in her run to the semifinals. Simon Cowell had a very soft spot for the senior dog, Falco, who outperformed his owner in the judge’s estimation. Julianne Hough and Gabrielle Union raved for the talent of Marcin Patrzalek and his fusion of musical styles.

Gabrielle Union credited the young musician with “revolutionizing guitar.” Only the final tally would tell the future for the trio of “America's Got Talent” hopefuls.

Gonzo and the Detroit Youth Choir were summoned first to know their fate by the vote. There was a spontaneous cheer of “DYT!” from the audience, similar to one during the performance the night before.

The chants soon transformed into tears and joyful hugs, as the youth and their director, Anthony White, were named the first semifinalist act among the group of performers. Simon Cowell and the other judges also offered warm embraces to the spirited singing ensemble. The judges said: “America got this one right.”

Peers and peerless performers

Faithful fans of “America's Got Talent” will remember the fearless and strong feats of the couple, Deadly Games, the father-daughter head-balancers, Sergey and Sasha, who also have super strength, and Sandou, the Russian bar performer.

They have teamed forces with other artists in a new show at the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas, called “Celestia.” Their brief display on the broadcast was plenty to make danger lovers pant with excitement, and maybe make some vacation plans to the Vegas strip.

The judges took some heat and have a little fun reading Tweets from AGT fans, and time flew until the next vote between Beatboxing group, Berywam, and 10-year-old opera singer, Emanne Beasha. Simon Cowell had commented that Beasha was on “a different planet” with her performance of “Ebben,” and America must have been taken to the stars, too. She was the second performer through to the semifinals and gave nothing but thanks for the approval.

Howie Mandel confessed that while he was no opera fan, he was a fan of Emanne.

Matthew Richardson, Dom Chambers, and Eric Chien him were called forth together for the next tally of votes. Eric Chien was visibly surprised as the third performer to pass through to the semifinals, and fellow magician Dom Chambers was the fourth. These masters of illusion may be facing each other all the way up to the finals.

Singers Mackenzie and Benicio Bryant stood for the fifth vote. Neither talented artist had done enough to win praise from Howie Mandel or Simon Cowell, but the ladies and the public seemed to disagree. Benicio got the votes to become the semifinalist, and hopefully, Mackenzie will have a booked calendar engagement after his “America's Got Talent” experience.

The time came at last for the live results of the save vote, and Jackie Fabulous can keep on putting people in stitches in the semifinals. The judges had to make the choice between Marcin Patrzalek and Lukas & Falco. Every heart tugged for Lukas and his precious dog, but the success factor in the competition caused Gabrielle Union and Howie Mandel to vote for Marcin. Simon Cowell had just 12 seconds to speak his decision, and he sided with the guitarist.

No tiebreakers were needed this week, and next week, a surprise guest judge will sit in with the panel for the first semifinal performances. The tension, the tears, and the triumph all take place on “America's Got Talent.”