Celeb Dirty Laundry rumors, for "General Hospital," indicate that a new doctor in Port Charles may have the answer for restoring Franco's memories. Soap Dirt, however, is reporting that Obrecht will do something drastic for her friend that is going to pay off. it's possible that Liesel and the new physician who will be portrayed by Michael E Knight may even work together. This past week, Dr. O slapped Scott's son and told him to snap out of it, and he later referred to Liz as Looney Tunes. Nothing is known, for certain, but fans are exhausted with how long this memory issue has gone on with Drew.

Perhaps a quick cure will come for Elizabeth's husband and the story line can move on.

Obrecht is desperate to save Franco

Obrecht cannot accept that her only true friend in Port Charles does not recognize her. She is outraged and rumors say she will do something drastic next week in order to help him. It's not known what action she will take but Soap Dirt says that she will have success. CDL indicates that Michael E Knight will join the "GH" cast as a doctor who possibly will be consulted on Franco's case. One of them or perhaps both working together may find a way to erase Drew Cane's memories from Bobby Frank Baldwin. One thing that is certain is that Liesel will not stop until she has regained her BFF.

Earlier this week "General Hospital" rumors reported that Billy Miller refused to do the storyline where Drew had his past memories are restored and, subsequently, did not renew his contract. This is supposedly why Roger Howorth jumped at the opportunity for his character to be implanted with Andrew Cane's past. Miller had been portraying Drew for over 2.5 years, without knowing anything about his past.

Now that Franco believes he is his childhood friend some important truths have been revealed.

Franco may be restored sooner than 'GH' viewers expect

This past week on "General Hospital", "Dranco" revealed to the real Andrew Cane that the money Shiloh obtained illegally was hidden in Oscar's vehicle which now belongs to Cameron.

Drew obtained the loot and headed to the Midwest to return it. Franco as Drew also told Jason how he realized that they were twins, and believed that the Quartermaines only wanted one child and gave him away on purpose. He also gave Kim some answer regarding their past relationship, so there has been some closure.

Billy Miller was in his final scene on August 23, so once his character is presumed or confirmed dead, there will be no reason for the memory mapping to continue. Whether it is Obrecht, the new doctor, both, or someone different, "General Hospital" needs to finalize this storyline and not leave the characters or the faithful viewers in limbo. For this reason the loyal fans should brace themselves that Franco may have his own memories restored much sooner than anyone expected.