Franco Baldwin has gone from serial killer to hero on "General Hospital," but not everyone is happy that he is changing. Liz married him, her children adore him, and Drew has embraced Scott's son like a brother. Jason and Sam, however, cannot seem to let go of his past misdeeds. Franco put his life on the line to help catch Ryan Chamberlain and has sacrificed himself again to save Cameron Weber. Many Port Charles residents are giving him a second chance but JaSam refuses to let go of their anger. Upcoming events could possibly change their minds but it is doubtful.

They cannot let go of the fact that Michael was raped and Sam was kidnapped.

Drew and Liz are with Franco 100%

Franco has come a long way on "General Hospital." since his brain tumor was removed. He won the love of Liz and became best buds with Drew. He developed a relationship with his father, Scott and was given a citation for bravery from the city. Many other Port Charles residents warmed up to him when he worked with Jordan to lure Ryan Chamberlain out so that he could be apprehended. Last week, when Shiloh wanted to implant the memory chip into Cameron, Franco exchanged places with the teen and now he believes he is Drew.

On Wednesday's "GH" episode, Robert Scorpio was sharing the tale with Jason and Sam but they both remained indifferent to Franco's predicament.

Drew and Liz, however, have vowed to stick by the man who believes he is Andrew Cane and they are with him 100%. Only time will tell how this terrible situation with the memory chip turns out.

Jason and Sam could change their minds about Franco

Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that JaSam will remain skeptical about Franco in spite of Robert's praise for his taking Cameron's place.

Soap Dirt teases that Kim is going to fall for Mr. Baldwin's version of Drew and this may cause problems. On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital," Jason said he would never forgive Bobby Frank for what happened to Michael and Sam said she would not either. Jason added, however, that perhaps Franco saving Cameron counts for something, so there is hope he will come around.

Sam is not one to let go of a grudge as she still harbors ill feelings for her father Julian. If Jason can cut Franco some slack, "GH" writers may come up with a way for Sam to also accept that Franco has changed and his brain tumor was the issue. Until that time, they will continue to distrust him and only focus on what he did in the past. Spoilers don't say if or when Franco will regain his memories so things will be pretty intense for a while. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this storyline and continue watching the Port Charles action each weekday afternoon. Tune in at 2:00 PM EST to ABC to keep up with what happens next.