It was time for voting America to have the say on “America's Got Talent” for August 14. Viewers were encouraged to speak their mind for their favorites, via the AGT app, and the tally went smoothly. Host Terry Crews related that the “Save” votes for this season would depend on viewers, not the judges’ ultimate decision. The performers had left everything on the stage in the live quarterfinals, and now it was up to the vote tally to determine the seven left semifinalists left standing.

It didn't take long for the process of public choice to get underway.

The acts in seventh, eighth, and ninth place would vie for a save-vote, and three surprising contenders were sweating out the decision until the final “America’s Got Talent” minutes.

From most important to most patient

Almost as quickly as the curtains opened to welcome the audience, Ansley Burns, The Emerald Belles, and teenage singer-songwriter, Sophie Pecora, were called up to endure the long wait as the three contenders hoping for the viewers’ saving vote. Ansley Burns had earned her way back as a wildcard by Simon Cowell's grace. She had at least gotten to finish her entire performance of “Swingin,” without being stopped by the persnickety British judge this time.

The Emerald Belles earned raves from Howie Mandel for the first time in their high-kicking lives.

Sophie Pecora’s original song performance was called “immaculate,” by Simon Cowell, and the girl who took Brad Paisley's golden buzzer was dubbed “the most important” performer of the night, by Howie Mandel. No matter the accolades, the artists could only wait now. When Simon Cowell was asked about the situation, he summed it up by saying, “Nuts!”

Rising stars and beginning bursts

America's Got Talent” loves nothing better than welcoming back past contestants now plotting their own course to stardom.

Bianca Ryan was the first-ever winner of the competition, and she came out roaring with her new single, backed by aerial artist and Season 11 finalist, Sofie Dossi, and the dynamic violin strings of Brian King Joseph from last season (13). The trio was heavenly, and they looked it. They all wore dazzling white to display their artistry and receive their heroes, and heroines, welcome.

The first vote of the night came between the gifted and erstwhile singer, Carmen Carter, and light artist Alex Dowis. Dowis displayed creativity, in his routine, capturing the creation of life using, predominantly, the color green in the performance. Carter made herself truly current with her rendition of “Believer,” and it was enough for Gabrielle Union. Alex Dowis was called as the first semifinalist of Season 14.

The tween girl group, GFORCE, was up against intense competition in Julianne Hough’s golden buzzer choice, Luke Islam. It came as no surprise to hear the born-for-Broadway singer’s name called as the next talent to be in the semifinals. Hough praised that she expected a “long, long career” from the golden-throated singer.

The girls have years to grow into their talents and energetic drive, too.

Two’s go through

Last winter’s taker of the title in the first “America's Got Talent: The Champions” competition, Shin Lim, had fun with Jay Leno, the judges, and everyone in the audience. After asking his subjects to pick cards, tear cards, and toss cards over their shoulders, the magician accomplished the feat of having the piece in every person’s pocket match the last remaining piece. Shin Lim’s impeccable reputation is intact.

Probably the most predictable and satisfying vote result of the night came next, with incredibly challenged, yet incredibly gifted, singer Kodi Lee alongside the vote with military service quartet, Voices of Service.

The crowd was relatively quiet, but certainly silently hoped that neither of these tremendous performers would be sent home. The wish was granted because both Kodi Lee and Voices of Service are semifinalists.

Three talents were summoned forward before the results in the save. Strength and balance act, the Messoudi Brothers, turned on the sensual appeal in this week’s high-stakes display. Simon Cowell declared that the semifinals will demand a greater danger factor. Fellow danger act, Bir Khalsa, added a chainsaw to their performance. Impressionist, comedian, and true creative artist, Greg Morton, rounded out the trio. The Messoudi Brothers were first named semifinalists before Terry Crews requested that the other two contenders stay.

Greg Morton was overcome with gratitude at being named a semifinalist. Life can begin again at 61.

At last, the votes for the save were tabulated, and the final count for this first Season 14 vote favored Ansley Burns, whose tears were joyful in gushing gratitude. Her public pulled her past the sting of being not chosen in her audition, so much so that Simon Cowell caught the wave of its displeasure. Her fans are in her corner all the way to see her “Swingin’” to the finals. No one ever knows when another second chance will come on “America's Got Talent.” No one expected the early farewell for Sophie Pecora, either. She is sure to find her audience waiting.