Rumors for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Brooke will make a split-second decision that changes the lives of everyone around her. Celeb Dirty Laundry and Soap Dirt both say Thomas will end up in a coma and fighting for his life. Neither states exactly what puts him in that situation, but all indications are that he goes over the cliff on Friday. Brooke will rush to the cliff house in an attempt to save her daughter from Ridge's demented son and things will go horribly wrong. What is being implied is that Brooke will shove her stepson of the cliff to keep him from harming Hope.

This will cause Thomas to end up fighting for his life while his stepmom could be facing possible murder charges.

Thomas may get no sympathy

Soap Dirt says that after the accident, Liam warns Hope not to show her crazy ex-spouse any mercy. The "B&B" rumor indicates that Ridge's son will be in a coma, for a while, but eventually will wake up. This will be good news for Brooke because she will not be facing murder charges. Celeb Dirty Laundry reveals that Ridge will consider the possibility that his wife actually tried to kill his son. Brooke will insist that she did what she had to in order to protect Hope. Ridge will wonder why his step daughter's life was more important than his son's.

Brooke desperately wanted to keep her daughter from harm but she won't, intentionally, attempt to murder her stepson.

There will probably be a scuffle on the cliff that will lead to a true Friday cliffhanger. Thomas is volatile and out of control, at this point, even if his father won't acknowledge it. If he goes completely psycho, Brooke shoving him over the cliff may have been the only way to handle the situation. "B&B" rumors say Detective Sanchez will be on the case and he will doubt Brooke's story.

He is also investigating whether or not Thomas sent Emma to her death.

Brooke's freedom depends on Thomas

Brooke's freedom depends on what Thomas says when he comes out of the coma. He could lie to secure his stepmother being arrested. This will not, however, deter Detective Sanchez from seeking answers about how Justin Barner's niece died.

The video footage from Forrester Creations, the GPS putting terrible Tom at the scene of the crash and the testimony from Xander, floe, and Xoe should be enough to convict him, but"B&B" viewers should not bet the farm on it.

Ridge will probably hire the best attorney money can obtain and do all he can to gain leniency for his son. This is contingent upon Thomas surviving his injuries. "B&B" rumors say that Vincent Irizarry will be on hand as Dr. Jordan, who will probably be treating the Forrester heir and giving an assessment of his condition. Be sure not to miss Friday's exciting episode because it is going to can't miss TV.