Celeb Dirty Laundry has announced that Maurice Bernard recently discussed the possibility of his final days on "General Hospital." The quotes come from an interview the Emmy winning actor gave to Soaps In Depth magazine. Bernard is getting more opportunities in later life and enjoying new projects. He understands the business and knows that a day will come when he no longer will portray Sonny Corinthos. The actor said when that day arrives he will be crying in his dressing room and have to be carried out. For now. however, he is thankful that Frank Valenti is allowing him the freedom to continue on in Port Charles as well as take on outside roles.

Maurice Bernard is a busy man

In addition to portraying for mob boss Sonny Corinthos, CDL reveals that Maurice Bernard has been a busy man with other projects in recent years. The soap veteran explained that he wanted his career to take off at a younger age, and is surprised that it is happening now. Bernard says he is grateful for the chance to be involved in other projects and credits "General Hospital" executive producer Frank Valenti for giving him a flexible schedule.

Among the projects that have come his way were portraying mob boss John Gotti in Lifetime's made for TV movie about the daughter of the crime boss, Victoria Gotti. Maurice Bernard also played Father Benedict in Nighttime Cinema.

The actor was quoted as saying that he feels like he has obtained a second career in the older years of his life. The soap veteran says that at this point he seems to always have some project or another cooking and is very grateful to stay busy.

Sonny Corinthos will be around for a while on 'GH'

Bernard indicates that Sonny Corinthos will be around for a long as possible and that when he goes it will be tears, kicking and screaming.

The actor understands the business and realizes his "General Hospital" role will not go on forever, so he is mentally prepared whenever that day comes. Viewers may have noticed there were gaps when Sonny was not seen in Genoa City, but the storyline was written in such a way that it was no big deal.

Right now, on "General Hospital" Sonny is dealing with the emotional breakdown of his son Dante and has been giving comfort to Olivia and LuLu.

he and Carly are dealing with a high-risk pregnancy and helping Josslyn deal with Oscar's death. They have also been maneuvering through the phases of Alzheimer's disease with Sonny's father Mike Corbin. Soap Dirt rumors suggest that Drew's plane may crash in Afghanistan and he will be missing or presumed dead. Maurice Bernard's character will be on hand to offer comfort to Sam, Jason, Carly, and Joss, as well as deal with his own grief.