Scott Stapp surely felt the few raindrops coming down in the New York City morning as the sun rose. The lyricist and frontman with the velvet-rich baritone gave the words to the song, “Rain” with Creed, after all. He also celebrates the triumph of the overcoming spirit and our planetary system’s most wondrous star in “Face of the Sun” from his third solo album, “The Space Between the Shadows.” Through his more than two decades of writing and singing some of the most cherished songs in rock history, Scott Stapp has lived his own story of overcoming and feels every note he sings down to their sinews of his body.

A pop-up shower couldn’t do anything to diminish the smile or the spirit of the performer primed to please the crowd of fans gathered outdoors for the August 23 appearance at “Fox and FriendsAll-American Concert Series. The waiting fans reciprocated the favor by proving that they were completely waterproof through the special before breakfast set. Scott Stapp couldn't forget to send his own kids off to school back home with a heartfelt wish, either.

Still a school day

“Milan, Daniel, Anthony, Daddy loves you! Have a great day at school, and be good,” was the sendoff sent by parent Scott Stapp to his kids back in Tennessee. Stapp took a 10-day pause with the tour to ensure that he and his wife, Jaclyn, could be together as a family for all the back to school preparation.

The family also participated in giving back to the community, participating in the CHARM Foundation’s “Back to School Bash,” providing backpacks, supplies, haircuts, and other necessities to help foster success for underprivileged youth. The thoughts of parenthood didn't stop with papa’s tender remembrance. Included in the set was the haunting and powerful, “Name,” a ballad based on painful truths from Stapp’s own childhood experiences of loss, abandonment, and abuse, common to so many.

The song is also a promise to be a present and a true parent to his children, ending the cycle of emotional scars. The title of “The Space Between the Shadows” comes from its chorus.

Seniors were part of the mix of good wishes, too. Scott Stapp used every form of “Robert” and “Bob” to send birthday wishes to a 92-year-old beloved viewer.

Scott and his band, featuring lead guitarist Yiannis Papadopoulos, bassist Sammy Hudson, guitarist Ben Flanders, and drummer Dango Cellan were as tight as ever on their instruments and backing vocals on favorites from the Creed catalog, including “My Sacrifice” and “Higher.” A chorus in raincoats lined the stage, singing every word of the songs that have become etched into hearts and souls.

Life and longevity

Anyone among the thousands who have seen Scott Stapp live on stage since June can attest to the vitality and exuberance that pours out from the stage. The morning hosts couldn't help but comment on the fitness and health exhibited by the artist, either. Stapp insists that fitness, including daily, runs him outdoors and on the treadmill, sleep, and diet has been crucial to his management of depression, and understanding that the condition was “at the core” of his personal battle provided a new perspective.

The songwriter reflected that “I think we’re changing,” regarding embracing healthy habits with the realm of rock musicians.

Scott was playfully teased that his tattoos might figure into the fitness routine, but what is clearly no joke for the performer is the energy and passion from devoted fans which “we feed off” in every show, no matter the venue or location, and he never loses gratitude.

Gone Too Soon” has already been classified as one of the best rock songs of 2019 in the music press, and Scott Stapp began the tribute very personally. The losses of Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park struck the composer in a particularly personal sense, and the feelings were only compounded by the reporting of multiplied deaths from opioid addiction, rising suicide rates among veterans, and rampant school shootings.

The anthem has become healing to anyone who has experienced a devastating loss, and it was offered as the closing song of the morning, reminding that this life is not “the end” and that love has no barrier or boundary. Peace can prevail over struggle in this life, and forever does bring the promise of being together.

In spirit, music, and in person, Scott Stapp spoke love this morning, and the feelings were mutual.