Current rumors related to "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that this coming week, the focus will be on Thomas Forrester. He will be in the hospital in a coma hovering between life and death. His family will be desiring him to pull through, as Ridge questions whether or not Brooke shoved him over the cliff on purpose. Detective Sanchez, who had been investigating the role Thomas played in Emma's accident, will now be distracted and questioning Brooke to find out if her husband's accusations are true. Hope knows that her mother was trying to protect her but who will listen as long has her ex-husband is comatose in his hospital bed.

Dollar Bill and Justin may help Detective Sanchez

Dollar Bill Spencer is going to be off the chain this week according to "B&B" rumors. He wants everyone involved in the baby switch to pay. He will take special pleasure in giving Detective Sanchez anything he has on the dressmaker's daughter. Emma being Justin's niece will fuel Bill Spencer even more, to seek justice and have Thomas behind bars. Nothing can be done, however, until Ridge's son wakes up.

Liam knows how Thomas tried to keep him and Hope apart and even little Douglas can shed some light on his demented father. Shortly before they headed to the cliff house, Ridge and Brooke were discussing how Thomas may have emotional issues like his mother.

"B&B" rumors say that for the immediate future, Ridge will concentrate on his son waking up. He feels guilty and told his wife last week that he was not the father Thomas needed.

Detective Sanchez will get his man

It may take some time, and there may be false leads and outright lies told initially, but "B&B" fans know that Detective Sanchez will eventually get his man.

Rumors indicate that Thomas may wake up and back his father's tale that Brooke pushed him on purpose, but again, Hope is a material witness. When Zoe, Xander, and Flo tell their stories, someone should take notice. In addition, there is the Forrester Creations video footage and the GPS from Thomas' vehicle which places him at the scene of Emma's accident.

If all of this is introduced then little Douglas will be without both his father as well as his mother.

Earlier spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" quoted a Soap Opera Digest article that sheds light on this situation. Anika Nicole, who portrays Hope, said that executive producer Brad Bell indicated the baby switch would not conclude until November. He said there would be many twists and turns, and it looks like he did not lie. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM EST to keep up with this storyline because things are about to become pretty intense.