Friday on "General Hospital" Jason will come face to face with the man who has the memories of his sibling. A preview shows Bobby Frank calling his nemesis the spoiled rich kid with his face. Until now it had never been mentioned that Andrew Cane's prior memories included his twin brother. From the way Franco addresses him, it sounds like there is a lot of hostility. Billy Miller's character will soon be leaving Port Charles so it looks like his past will be resolved. In the midst, however, Franco as Andrew is in love with Kim, who was about to leave town with Julian.

Jason is rethinking his hatred for the man who caused Michael to be raped so anything is possible at this point.

Jason may soften towards Franco

On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital," Franco ended up drinking at the Floating Rib as he tried to block out everyone telling him that he is not Andrew Cane. Meanwhile, JaSam was processing what Robert had told them about the memory transfer from the flash drive. Jason stated that he could never forgive Elizabeth's husband because he had Michael raped in prison and Sam said she felt the same way. A few moments later, however, Jason said that perhaps Franco saving Cameron counted for something.

It sounds like "General Hospital" may be ready to turn a corner, and allow a cease-fire where JaSam is concerned.

They hate Bobby Frank to the point that his helping catch serial killer Ryan Chamberlain did not change their feelings for him. Sam continues to have anger issues towards Julian, even though he has done everything to mend his former ways. Perhaps, Franco's sacrifice for Elizabeth's son might cause both Sam and Jason to soften towards him just a little.

Franco and Jason face-off at the Floating Rib

Friday's "General Hospital" preview indicates a tense moment is coming where Jason faces Franco while he thinks he is Drew. In a sarcastic voice, Franco addresses Jason as the rich kid who has his face. this implies that Drew had some knowledge of the Quartermaines prior to losing his memories.

The impression seems to be that Andrew Cane understood he had a look-alike but had no idea he was his twin brother.

Will Jason Morgan be able to relate to the man in front of him as Andrew Cane, or will he continue to despise him as Franco? Can the sacrifice of his mind to Dave Cameron Weber make a dent in the hatred that has been there for years? Can Stone Cold restrain himself or will the sarcasm, coming from the man he loathes, cause him to lash out physically? Will Sam be able to accept that the man she loves may be softening towards this person they both wish they had never met? Be sure to tune in to Friday's episode of "General Hospital" to find out what will take place.