This Season 14, of “America's Got Talent,” is quickly coming to a conclusion, and August 27 was the last round of the Live quarterfinals. The final 12 talents, competing for a spot in the semifinals, know full-well that only seven are voted to move forward, so this is no time to play it safe. Performers went bold with song choices, acrobatic moves, and comic routines. Simon Cowell didn't always appreciate the effort, but no one could argue that the first and the final performances in this “America's Got Talent” night made a memorable impression.

There were some magical moments in between, too.

Spirit, love, and familiar faces

Anyone needing a boost of hope, and faith in the future, couldn't help but find it when the Detroit Youth Choir stormed the stage with vitality. Host Terry Crews was choked up even before his golden buzzer pick took the stage, and their choice of “The Champion” could not have complimented their mission more fully. These exuberant voices sang unity and spirit because they epitomize unity and spirit. The audience and the Dolby Theatre broke out in chants of “DYT” before the judges could begin their commentary. “Hallelujah!” opened Gabrielle Union, telling the ensemble that they were “inspiring the nation.” Howie Mandel affirmed that their message spoke to the world, far beyond the stage of “America's Got Talent.” Julianne Hough praised the chorus as “bigger than AGT,” and Simon Cowell commented that they had far surpassed their audition.

No choir has ever won the competition. This one deserves the honor.

The love between Lukas & Falco was on full display during their performance of the Mario game-inspired routine. The faithful canine pulled his master on a giant spool of thread, jumped through rings, and leaped into Lukas’ arms from a giant die. Beyond the difficulty of the tricks, the true devotion between this older dog and his owner/trainer since childhood is astounding, and all but Howie Mandel were impressed.

Simon praised Falco, saying that he, "was better than you,” referring to Lukas, as his final critique.

Magician Dom Chambers won over the judges and the audience by producing full glasses of beer out of paper bags in his first audition. He started off this performance with a toast to a live-action image of himself projected on a screen.

Soon, the 12 other Dom’s transformed into past “America's Got Talent” favorites. The panel of judges, everyone in the audience, and even home viewers were asked to hone in on a performer, according to notes placed in glasses by Terry Crews. All fingers came to settle on Tape Face, a.k.a. New Zealand comic Sam Wills from Season 11, who appeared just as his image shattered on the screen. Simon Cowell looked lost through most of the performance, but remarked that he was impressed that him being stupid “could look cool.” Julianne Hough said that Chambers “made magic cool.” Howie Mandel loved that theater, technology, and fun were all part of the routine. Gabrielle Union said that she now had to “rethink Santa Claus,” after seeing the performance.

Benicio Bryant stepped out of his usual, subtle singer-songwriter mode. The 14-year-old with the amazing voice and talent for capturing emotion decided on high-production for his original song, “Who I Am.” The song, itself, was memorable, but the production got mixed reviews. Simon Cowell said he hoped that voters would remember, Benicio was better than this performance and that he still loved the young talent. Howie Mandel didn't like the song but did like the rendition of the national anthem in Bryant's preview profile. Julianne Hough recognized that the song was a risk, but affirmed that she would remember it. Gabrielle Union still called Benicio “a rockstar.”

The silly and sublime

Tambourine “artist” Gonzo also went way over the top with production, treading on a multitude of dancers to “enhance” his own few steps.

Howie Mandel is still a big fan, but the rest of the panel praised the dancers far above the main attraction. Simon Cowell simply said: “You didn't do anything,” thereby prompting an X. This might qualify as entertainment, but not the kind worthy of $1 million.

Simon Cowell broke his wardrobe mold by donning a bright red shirt, and guitarist virtuoso Marcin Patrzalek was cast in multicolor light with his performance medley of Dick Dale & The Del-Tones’ “Misirlou” and Paganini, as only this prodigy could pull off. Marcin simply has stunning musicality, and as a musician, Simon Cowell admits that is likely the best to ever come to the “America's Got Talent” stage. Simon Cowell wasn't pleased with the staging for Marcin, either, but Gabrielle Union told the performer that he was “revolutionizing guitar.” Julianne Hough praised him saying, “you create what other artists pull from,” and Howie Mandel dubbed him “a one-man band.” No matter what comes of his AGT stint, this artist has a blazing future.

He got the first roar of the night.

Eric Chien couldn't give Dom Chambers competition with big production flash, but the magician’s utter wizardry, with close-up magic, has never been better. He invited Julianne Hough to be his stage g and treated her to chocolate morsels before turning them into tiny Rubik's cubes, again and again. He then transformed the small cubes into bigger ones, ones that became magically solved. Suddenly, the solid structures transformed back into edible treats. “Your magic melts in your hands,” Howie Mandel teased. Gabrielle Union gushed that Chien had just “put everyone on notice.” Julianne still marveled at the feats done right before her eyes. Simon had to be the downer, saying he was “bored of the close-up magic” and that Dom Chambers had done better.

Beat-boxing group, Berywam, changed the louder, more energetic offerings that they have leaned on to the competition to an almost-operatic sort of performance. The audience lapped up the mix of Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Old Town Road,” giving another roar. Overall, the judges were impressed, noting how the performance displayed their “voices, the range, and the talent” according to Howie Mandel. Simon Cowell compared the group to the British sandwich spread, Marmite, saying that “you either like it or you don't.”

Hilarious and high rising closers

Hoop artist, Matthew Richardson, was called back as a wildcard after being dismissed during the first round of Judge Cuts. The aerialist added the element of water to his sensual and moody routine, which included a high-rising performance in the streams running from above.

Julianne Hough reminded Matthew that “you do belong,” along with her standing ovation. Gabrielle Union described that “you, the hoop, and the water make a spicy night.” Howie Mandel said. It was “more of the same and moist.” Simon Cowell simply didn't feel like it was enough. The voters will have to weigh in on this decision, but it's doubtful that either of the male judges could give Richardson a run for his money in a spinning hoop.

Singer Mackenzie took a big gamble by choosing David Bowie's “Life on Mars,” and he delivered with gusto. Howie Mandel critiqued that even though he was a Bowie and a Mackenzie fan, this was not “enough.” Gabrielle Union disagreed. Julianne Hough didn't get all that she was craving from the performance, and Simon Cowell really felt that the performance didn't rise to the moment until the final 20 seconds.

The voters will have to decide if this singer who started in the church will stay in the “America's Got Talent” competition. He deserves kudos for being a true artist.

Single and sassy comedienne, Jackie Fabulous, was full-on wonderful in her routine comparing the dilemmas of dating black men versus white men, and her aversion to the outdoors. “Hiking is white,” was just one of her hilarious observations. Simon Cowell said he knew that Jackie “belonged here. “Real, authentic, and funny” were the words from Howie Mandel. Gabrielle Union called Jackie “a star,” and the audience approved in an eruption of applause. Even considering that comedians have tough odds on AGT, she is set to sail on.

Opera wonder, Emanne Beasha, who earned Jay Leno's golden buzzer by a decision he made “in seconds,” closed the night with a stunning performance of “Ebben.” The 10-year-old singer was completely undaunted by the pressure of time running short and taking this huge stage.

The piece that scares away many opera greats seemed to be written for her, and she embraced it to the fullest. She was a vision in pink, and her voice was from heaven. Solid standing ovations sealed the triumph of the performance. Simon Cowell said that Beasha wasn't just on a different level, “you are on a different planet.” Julianne Hough raved that the performance “transcended everything.” Gabrielle Union offered that “opera should thank you for the millions of fans” that the young singer is drawing to the genre. There is no doubt that she is staying, and she may very well take the “America’s Got Talent” season prize.

Predictions for the seven semifinalists:

Detroit Youth Choir

Marcin Patrzalek

Dom Chambers

Eric Chien

Benicio Bryant

Jackie Fabulous

Emanne Beasha

Tune in Thursday, August 28, for the truth in the tally. Semifinals begin next week.