"General Hospital" has a mystery that needs solving and it should happen ASAP. The young woman who really is Nina's biological daughter should produce the locket half that seals the deal. Ms. Reeves accepted the fake DNA tests concocted by Valentin and presented by Curtis, which indicated Sasha was her daughter. Ms. Gilmore, however, did not have the item of jewelry that Madeline said she left with her infant grandchild. It is assumed that Willow Tate is the baby that was born while her mom was in a corner, but to date, this continues to be speculation and the locket half has not been produced.

At some point, whoever is in ownership of the jewelry should bring it forth so the viewers at least will know who the true heir is.

Willow may have the locket or someone else could be Nina's daughter

Soap Dirt and Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate there will be a lot of continued drama around Willow. "General Hospital" rumors have insisted that Ms. Tate is Nina's daughter but the evidence to prove it has not shown up. There has not been one thing, other than speculation, that suggests that the former school teacher is the child Ms. Reeves gave birth to. Without that jewelry, it's possible the viewers may be barking up the wrong tree, There is still a possibility that some other young woman will turn out to be Nina's child.

"General Hospital" has not done anything to solidify Willow and Nina as mother and child. It's even possible that somehow Sasha could turn out to actually be the daughter of Ms, Reeves, The storyline right now is focused on Cassandra Pierce and the bird flu she injected into Sasha. The show may give viewers a twist they never saw coming.

Previous spoiler alerts and rumors suggest that blood work may reveal that Ms. Gilmore is not Nina's daughter, so viewers should be prepared for anything.

Nina is preoccupied with Sasha

On Tuesday's episode of "General Hospital," Nina was outraged to find that Cassandra had targeted Sasha, Valentin was trying to be supportive while Michael remained by Ms.

Gilmore's bedside. Chase was questioning Sonny, Jason, and Dev, about Barry the warehouse foreman, whose wife said he never came home after work. There was no sign of Willow, but soon she will appear. The truth must come out, and hopefully, Nina will learn the truth about her daughter.

"General Hospital" seems to have dropped the issue of Nina's daughter for now, and those who are involved are preoccupied with other storylines. Sasha is fighting for her life in the hospital, and Valentin is concerned about Cassandra's next move. Whether it's Willow or someone else, the necklace half needs to be produced so that the story can move towards a conclusion.