"GH" is building a tangled web of deceit with Hayden Barnes at the center. She left Port Charles two years ago and later told Hamilton Finn she had miscarried their child. He moved on with Anna and while Ms. Devane was visiting her sister for the summer. Hayden returned for Liz and Franco's wedding. On Thursday, Ms. Barnes made a phone call, which indicated that her child is a daughter who is very much alive, At the same time. Finn was taking a call from Anna and told her that he missed her. Once Ms. Devane returns, and wedding plans are being made, rumors indicate that Hayden may become jealous and decide that her ex needs to know he is a father before he walks down the aisle.

Hayden may rethink her decision about keeping her daughter secret

When Hayden Barnes left Port Charles, she and her half-sister Elizabeth were not on the greatest terms. Since returning for Liz and Franco's nuptials the sisters have really been bonding. Liz knows her sibling is hiding something but she has no idea what. Even so, she invited her sis to stay in her home. In addition to having a two-year-old daughter that everyone thought she miscarried, Hayden and Jax are sneaking around trying to find something valuable at Wyndemere.

Ms. Barnes even set Jax up on a date with Obrecht to keep her quiet as she saw her snooping through Valentin's home. Carly rescued her ex-husband by showing Liesel a newspaper article about Franco being implanted with Drew Cane's memories.

Dr. O excused herself and left. Hayden may rethink her position on keeping Dr. Finn from his child, as she is seeing the bond Elizabeth's children formed with Franco and how they miss him. Her decision may also be determined by Anna Devane returning to Port Charles.

Hayden needs to come clean with Liz and Dr. Finn

When Elizabeth finds out her sister has been living in her home and lying to her, she might be truly hurt.

She thought they were getting closer and will be shocked to learn she has a two-year-old niece. Rumors indicate that Dr. Finn will also be stunned that Hayden is still playing games and now a child is involved. When Anna returns, she might feel intimidated as Hayden Barnes is much younger than she is and has given Finn a child, something Ms.

Devane cannot do.

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