Al Roker is famous for many things through his many decades on “Today” with NBC. He is known to fuel his fellow broadcasters in his “Today” family with his special blend of custom-ground coffee that he graciously brews. His culinary skills have become famous on the set, so much so that renowned chefs have come to share his company on “Today.” Al Roker has even enlisted some of his most talented foodie friends to feed families in need in times of disaster.

Only devoted regulars who tune into “Today” know Al Roker as a rabid connoisseur of “Ghostbusters” and “Star Wars,” but no one has to be an expert to know how passionate the broadcaster is about being a dad.

His pride in his overcoming, spirited son, Nick, and rising fashion designer, Leila, frequently overtakes the weather man’s conversation. Most of all, his morning show colleagues never run short on respect and admiration for Roker.

This morning, August 16, the entire “Today” crew celebrated more than just Al Roker’s safe return from Greenland, not knowing that the remote country would be among the hottest topics of today, thanks to the Trump administration. Even though it is a few days earlier than the actual August 20 date of Al Roker’s birth, his third-hour friends, Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer decided that today was the perfect day to throw an impromptu 65th birthday celebration for Roker.

The result was a tasty spectacle.

A perfect platter

The jovial host, who caps each of his weather segues with “your neck of the woods,” tried to make a clean getaway. “I gotta go,” he interjected when Dylan Dreyer finished describing how she and Roker were numeric birthday opposites.

Before Al made a break for it, however, a platter of one of his all-time favorite foods—bacon-- was brought out.

Someone backstage had gone to the trouble to ensure that 65 pieces of the luscious pork product had been placed on the dish. It wasn't long before Al did a taste test, and Craig Melvin declared that “this is the good stuff for Al,” noting the thick-cut variety.

The TV veteran teased that he was taking the rest of the day off, but there was birthday cake and best wishes still to enjoy.

It's not surprising that many of those sending love were younger members of the “Today” family and one very special senior star.

Benefits of being older

Al Roker announced that he already had gotten his Medicare package, and besides those long-earned benefits, he was in enjoying the discounts on his Metro card. He may sneak out more in the afternoons, too, since those matinee movie rates for seniors are hard to resist.

Sheinelle Jones offered her best Al Roker impressions in the birthday video package, and Dylan simply said that Al was “the nicest guy” to everyone on “Today,” proudly showing her baby bump.

Willie Geist went further with his affections, showing an actual kiss on the lips with Al from their past. Carson Daly brought in the whole family for his birthday wish. Hoda Kotb’s two-year-old, Haley Joy, completely took the prize for most precious greeting, besides Leila Roker’s long-distance love to her dad. Nick and Al’s wife, Deborah Roberts, sent joyful words to mark the birthday and homecoming.

Willard Scott takes the top prize for loving wishes to his “kid,” Al. Scott retired in December of 2015 and left his customary role of recognizing senior birthdays in Roker’s very capable hands. “Now, now, you’ll be on Social Security, and make even more money!” kidded Scott. Al was quite surprised and touched by the outpouring.

Before blowing out the candles on the cakes, and never being out of breath, Al Roker witnessed everyone on “Today” donning brightly colored glasses to commemorate the senior celebration.

Laughter, loving wishes, bright colors, and bacon—Al Roker could never have dreamed for a better early birthday treat.